She's Now A Full Hand Old - 10 on 10 - February


Finding one day to photograph this month for my 10 on 10 was a no brainer! This month we celebrated my daughter’s 5th Birthday, so of course I did a day in the life of the birthday girl's adventures! My Olivia completely embraced a full day of being doted on, and getting everything she wanted for an entire day(within reason, of course. She’s still only five, after all;)! We started the day with what’s become a birthday tradition of enjoying breakfast donuts at our favorite donut shop! Southern Maid Donuts! Her Daddy and I both forgot our wallets at home, so the wait for daddy's return was a bit torturous. It made for a pretty humorous experience, and an impatient yet smiley birthday girl!

 Once all donuts and kolaches were devoured, we returned home where Olivia was allowed to unveil her presents from mommy, daddy and bubba! She was one very excited little girl when she saw her new dollhouse that "fit the big dolls"!! The excitement continued when Grandma and Paw Paw arrived with even more gifts, and we all loaded up to head to Chuck E. Cheese where this kid was definitely a kid!!

After all of the fun was had amongst all of the noises and lights that good ol' Chuck has to offer, we headed back home to have some birthday cupcakes, enjoyed some family playtime, and closed out the day with some bedtime stories and snuggles!

It was a wonderful day of celebrating a phenomenal little girl. My little girl. She’s growing up much too quickly, but my oh my do I love watching her grow!

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~Nikki G.


PS. To my sweet grandpa, today would have been your 97th Birthday. We said goodbye to you just three short weeks ago, and you are so incredibly missed by so many of us! Today we will celebrate you and the beautiful life you lived that you told us about in all of your most fantastic stories that you told us and the life you lived out in front of us!


Happy Birthday Grandpa! 




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