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So here we are, on sweet baby Makenna's first birthday, and I felt it was the perfect time to look back on the day she joined her amazing family!


It was a lovely rainy afternoon when I arrived to document this special day. There were smiles every direction you looked as everyone devoted their attention to this perfectly precious baby girl! The emotions were high, and the love even higher. It's always so beautiful to see families growing in love and in number!


Kayla and Andrew are both such amazing parents, and big sister Savannah was over the moon thrilled about her new baby sister! So much so that when she had to share her with the grandparents her smile quickly turned to a frown! Thankfully, she moved on and went back to adoring her baby sister right along with everyone else.


And thank goodness for all of the helping hands to help with both baby and big sister. Their support system was in full force that day. It was truly beautiful seeing this family rally around these second time parents!


Makenna and Savannah are both so blessed to have the parents that they do. Andrew was so great at caring for their daughters that day, despite his nerves about holding his newborn. He was on big sister duty and loving every second of it!


Kayla just absolutely amazed me. She was so gracefully patient with everything happening around her, even with all of the chaos of visitors and hospital staff, as well as devoting her attention to her children. She shared her love between her two girls so effortlessly and beautifully, and just had the most calming presence about her. She loved them both fiercely! I love it when other parents teach me a thing or two about parenting during my sessions with them, and Kayla was certainly no exception.


I was so thrilled that I was able to be there for little Makenna’s first bath. She wasn’t a fan at first, but she absolutely loved having her hair washed and feeling the warm water. It was so precious watching her relax into her bath!


What a beautiful day that was, and I cannot believe it's already been a year! I spoke with Kayla just the other day, and she is just as baffled by how this time has gone by so fast! Makenna is so special and so blessed, and I'm just as blessed to have photographed her and her adoring family!!


Happy 1st Birthday Makenna!! I hope you have had such a fantastic year!! <3


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