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That blog title really begins to sum up what 6 months old looks like! These tiny humans are really beginning to explore and discover so many new things, and interacting with the world around them. The best part is, it's just as exciting for their parents to watch them develop as it is for these little ones to experience! 

Little Charley is no exception! Her little personality is shining through more and more every time I see her for her milestone sessions! Her sweet smile just melts me every time I see it appear on her face. She has such a beautiful sparkle in her eye when she sees her daddy, and she just melts into her momma's arms when she holds her so tight. It's such a beautiful thing to witness! Watching her reactions to the world, and finding all of the new things she never noticed before is such a treat! I'm also pretty certain that her toes are her favorite toy ever these days!!

As you can see, she really loves playing with her two favorite people! Probably because they think she's the best thing in the entire world, which is just as it should be. After a little play time, Charley decided a little rice cereal was on the menu, so we moved ourselves into the kitchen. It's no secret in this little series that she was not a fan of the cereal at first, but she eventually came around and that little grin made it's way back onto her beautiful face. There's not much in this world that gets this baby girl down!

It's become a tradition that we do a little bath time during our milestone sessions together, which Charley seems to be perfectly ok with! After getting her face all messy during her lunch time, it was only fitting that the bath follow soon after. One of my favorite things that my babies used to do was try and catch the water as it poured out of the faucet. Charley's bath time took me right back to that moment when I saw her itty bitty fingers attempting to grasp the stream of water, and that slightly confused look on her face when her hand passed right through it. It was such a beautiful nostalgic moment for me, and I know her parents both get a kick out of it each time.

Charley is such a beautiful growing baby girl, and she is surrounded by such a loving family and community of people! She brings about so much joy whenever she's in the room. I'm so lucky to get to witness it first hand, and get in a couple of sweet baby snuggles when the opportunity presents itself! Happy 6 Months to you, sweet Charley! I love watching you grow <3

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