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There are times in life when you learn about a place, and just know that you HAVE to go there some day! I recently had one of those moments when I saw another photographers photos of their trip to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. 

I am such a sucker for aquariums as it is. I once owned my own 46 gallon saltwater tank filled with a gorgeous variety of fish including my own incredible Lion Fish who was appropriately named Mufasa and a snowflake eel who would swim between my fingers in my tank! I really miss those guys and their other colorful friends so much and have told my husband that we WILL have a saltwater tank again... when we can afford to pay someone to maintain the tank for us. ;-P Don’t judge, it’s a lot of work!

So when I found out that the Georgia Aquarium had beluga whales, whale sharks and such an incredibly impressive variety of underwater creatures, I HAD to go!!

Thankfully, it worked out perfectly that my wonderful in-laws live close by, and so when we made our trek from Houston to Georgia for Thanksgiving it was a must-do activity while we were there! We were all in utter amazement of these beautiful creatures, and I told my husband that I wanted to just move in. I could have watched them all day long, and probably for the rest of my earthly existence!  

I seriously cannot wait to share these with you, and get these images printed and hung up around our house! I just have to figure out where I will hang them! Take a look at our family adventure to see the spectacular whale shark and a few of his friends.


So what’s the lesson to be learned in today’s post?? Go and do!! Get out there and see the things that bring a smile to your face! Take in this beautifully amazing creation that God has blessed us with as much as you can! This is certainly one family memory that I hope will stick with my and my family for the rest of our lives. And I hope to make it back some day when my children are older so that they can truly remember going and seeing these magnificent creatures!

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