I Will Never Say That - Houston Area Family Photographer


Throughout my first pregnancy, I lost track of how many times I was told "They grow up so fast! Enjoy it as much as you can!" Or "Don't blink, or the next thing you know they'll be heading off to college." Those phrases became one of my biggest pet peeves, and I swore to my husband that I would never say them to any expectant mother. I still do my best not to, but of course it slips out on occasion. Especially the first of the two statements, because here I am four years into my daughter's life and I'm wondering where in the world that little baby has gone?? She used to be so tiny, and now she's as tall as some 6 year old's (yes, I said 6!)! The statement, while I knew it was true then, has never been more true in my life than it is in this very moment. I also imagine it only gets worse from here... sigh.

Now here I am, watching my now 19 month old growing up before my very eyes, and I'm grasping and clinging as tightly as I can to every single moment because I know I'll be looking back one day and thinking "How did it go sooooooo fast???"

I wish I had some magical tips to help slow time down, but sadly I have no DeLorean that's going to fly us back into the past to relive the moments we wish we could! It would be pretty fantastic if I did though! No, I'm simply here to remind you to, document document document! Take pictures!! Get out your camera phones, or digital cameras, and document your days with your children and spouse! Hand that camera off to someone else to get a picture of you with your children because, while I know that not every momma is comfortable with being in front of the camera, every child will want to have pictures of their parents to look back on some day! And for those times that you want the entire family interacting all together, well, that's why you have me!

There's great importance  and responsibility in what I do as a documentary family photographer! I'm that "fly on the wall" that's there to capture as many memories as I possibly can in our time together. Much like I did for the Commander Family below! However, there's plenty of life lived in between sessions, so do me a huge favor and do not miss out on the opportunities when it's up to you to preserve the memories of your family! The Commander Family and I enjoyed some play time, some bath time(and getting peed on), some "Momma feed me NOW!!!" time, and then finally some resting in momma's arms time! It was such a lovely afternoon with them, and they have just fallen into this parenting role as beautifully as they possible could. See this beautiful family of 3 below, and leave a comment or like to tell this family just how lovely they are...