Olivia Mata | In-Home Newborn Session


One of the fun things about being a photographer is getting to know other photographers. Being able to swap stories about business, talk gear, settings, and editing techniques, and just sharing those work/life balance strategies that may or may not work makes it all the more fun to meet someone who just “gets it”. So when Ashlee and I connected through a photographer friend of her’s who happened to be in a Facebook group with me, and with her being a fellow photographer in Lake Jackson (you can check out her awesome boudoir work HERE), I was pretty darn excited! Not only did I get to oooo and aaaahhh over her adorable baby girl, who’s name I, of course, adore, but Ashlee and I got to talk a little shop along the way. We saved it for when her husband, Luke, was out of the room, sparing him any boredom he might have had to endure.


Luke and Ashlee are such a sweet sweet couple! They were so attentive to each other, and Luke may have won husband of the year with those foot rubs he was giving to Ashlee while she nursed little Olivia. Something that Ashlee says he always does. I mean, how adorable are they?


They worked so well as a team in caring for Olivia, and helped each other navigate through such a new and completely different life experience. I loved hearing their stories of their time in the hospital and those first couple of days at home before our session. Olivia didn’t know it yet, but she is one incredibly loved baby girl!


As most new dads, Luke was a little nervous and hesitant about spending too much time alone with the baby. He was happy to give Ashlee a little break, but he didn’t want her to wander off too far. A pretty typical reaction, but I’m certain he’s a seasoned pro by now!


Ashlee is such a rockstar mom. She was so thoughtful in how she handled Olivia, and I just loved this simple bath moment on the floor. With little Olivia’s umbilical chord still attached, momma opted for the sponge bath, and Olivia loved every second of it!


Olivia’s such a happy tiny baby, and during her session she was always willing to hold a finger whenever one was within reach. Would you look at that sweet face? Isn’t she just perfect?


There’s something that is so special about when a newborn is able to spot their momma. I just loved watching the two of them looking at each other. And dad was never far away, ready to admire his two beauties any chance he had. As I mentioned earlier, their attentiveness to one another, all three of them, was absolutely beautiful!


Just when momma needed a little break to eat and enjoy a nice neck rub from her hubby, Grandma and Grandpa showed up! It’s such a blessing to have helping hands, and even more so when it’s the grandparents that are there to offer their assistance when needed.


It’s the simple things that gain a bit of new life when helping hands arrive. Something so ordinary, like folding baby clothes, becomes a welcomed event as long as you get to do it with free hands and knowing your baby is happy and being loved on. Also, I love the shirt below!! (Cowboys haters, keep it to yourself! :-P )


Surrounded by love, Olivia is in such a beautiful place. Her mom and dad absolutely adore her as well as each other, her grandparents can’t get enough of her, and I’m sure there are so many more who love doting on her. She is one lucky little lady, and I so look forward to seeing her grow throughout the years! Thank you to Luke and Ashlee for allowing me such a wonderful opportunity to witness and document such a special time in your lives. Olivia is so well loved!


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I look forward to hearing from you, and until then and like always….

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