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What Matters Most To You? | SIXTYsecond Motion

My photography and films are more than just a fun hobby to me. They are more than just making something beautiful -- So so so much more!! It's in keeping with what my husband thought to do many years ago. It's…

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Living and Learning | August 10 on 10 and Motion

I once had a fellow mom say to me that I must really like my kids when it was revealed that I would be homeschooling. My response was,

“Well… yeah.”

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Beating The Rain One Puddle At A Time | SIXTYsecond Motion | June

There's no denying it... children are the masters of making good of what could be perceived as a bad situation! We have received quite a bit of rain this month, which has in turn limited our outdoor play. But a little rain can't keep an active kid down, so…

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5 Traits That Add Up To An Incredible Father

It wasn't until I watched my sweet husband become a father himself that I was able to get a deeper glimpse of what fatherhood truly is. That change of perspective and the peek into the behind the scenes of parenting has really brought about a…

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Splashing Through... Spring | May SIXTYsecond Motion

Summer is always bittersweet for me. Not because it means the end of another year of school, as I have my children at home with me all day every day. No, it's bittersweet because…

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