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Christmas - What Family Feels Like - Miertschin Family

Christmas has always held, and still holds, a special place in my heart! I love all of the joining together of efforts to decorate the house as a family. The making of gingerbread houses, Christmas cookies, handmade ornaments, as well as watching all of the fun Christmas movies. It's all the perfect recipe for exactly how family feels this time of year! The feeling of family is exactly what I set out to provide to my families no matter the season, and Mark, Jenny and the rest of the Miertschin crew were no exception at their Christmas Story Session.  

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Limited Edition Christmas Story Sessions 2017

How much would you love to have someone there to help preserve your special one-of-a-kind Christmas memories for your family, allowing you to not only be able to focus on the excitement with your family, but to also be in the photos all together? And I'm not just talking about the arm length, hope you can fit everyone and the tree in, "selfies". I'm talking about photos where you can wrap both arms around the ones you love, and truly be able to enjoy the moment.  

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