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The way they always jump off of the last step.

The way my daughter always says "Light red, dark red. Mommy watch this" when she takes her two respectively colored vitamin gummies.

The way my son does the same, even though he only gets one vitamin gummy.

The way my daughter always helps me make pancakes.

The silly stories that are shared at the breakfast table.

The way we laugh together.

These are just a few of the things I will always cherish about our morning breakfast routine. All of those little details are the specifics of our mornings that always bring a smile to my face when I think about them. Knowing that most of those little idiosyncrasies will fade as they get older makes me want to hold on tight and have some sort of reminder of what our days looked like in this moment in time. My husband came up with a great way to share details about our children with them when they get older. He created email accounts for each of them so that we can email them, telling them about a specific event, or behavior, or just how stinkin' much we love them!! I wish I could say I write them regularly, but sadly I have not. It's something I would love to get better at! Thankfully, I have found other ways to preserve this time. 

My photography and films (for both my family and the families who I document) are more than just a fun hobby to me. They are more than just making something beautiful -- So so so much more!! It's in keeping with what my husband thought to do many years ago. It's a way of looking back, of remembering. These memories will show my children exactly what their childhood looked, felt, and even sounded like. There's very little that could come close to doing all of those things! 

So here we are. With all of our little quirks, sweet smiles, silly sayings, and our awesome laid back mornings!


|| Be sure to head to the BLOG post by the ever so lovely Kelly Haymes of Momma Got Soul Photography and Films to see the beautiful memory filled film that she has created for our SIXTYsecond Motion challenge ||

What would your family film look like? What are the little details in your life that you never ever ever want to forget? Your film will capture all of the cuteness, playfulness, and love that your family has for one another, providing you with your very own way of remembering your family, and all of the feelings that go with it! Contact me today by clicking that let's get started button!!


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