Dreading Finding The Perfect Outfit For Your Photo Session?


Do you dread picking out what to wear for your family photo shoots?? Well you're in luck! Below I have laid out 6 tips to make the selection process as stress free as possible when choosing the perfect outfits for you and your beautiful family!

6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Outfits for the Whole Family!

I know it can seem like a daunting task when you're trying to dress the whole family including yourself, but don't panic!! If you keep these 6 handy dandy tips in mind, you just might find yourself enjoying the process.

Tip #1. Coordinate, Don't Match

This family photo is a perfect example of coordinating outfits! Choosing your color scheme is one of the first things you want to do in your selection process. I always tell my clients to have at least two neutral colors and one or two pops of color. Complimentary colors are vital! Variations of reds and greens, or blues and yellows are just two examples of colors that compliment each other nicely. Throw in some browns or blacks, and you're good to go! It's also important to consider where you might hang your photo and be careful to not choose colors that might clash with the color scheme of that room.


Tip #2. Comfort is Key!

Yes, you want to look cute and stylish, but keep in mind that you'll need to move around comfortable when needed! Family sessions with little ones are rarely still. I'm sure you already know that kiddos are constantly moving, playing, sitting, standing, and you have to be able keep up. So making sure that your outfits will allow for you to do all of these things is super important! We also don't want any wardrobe malfunctions, now do we? Does that mean you ladies can't wear a dress? Of course not! Just make sure you are comfortable enough in them to be somewhat active. And make sure Dad is ready to do some of the chasing ;)

Tip #3. Leave the Logos, Neon's, and Tiny Prints At Home

One of the most distracting things in a photo, when it comes to clothing, is logos. Do your best to choose shirts that come without. Also neon's can be a very tricky thing to photograph. They often will cast the color onto your skin or your family member's, turning them hot pink or neon green. Nobody wants martians in their photos, so lets stick with those softer colors. Also, in digital photography, small checkered prints can prove to be troublesome, and can really effect the outcome of your photo. Larger plaids are definitely a better choice if you're wanting a print to help break up the solid colors.

Tip #4. Layers are Your Friend

To continue a little of point #3, layers and accessories can really make a difference in your wardrobe. While small/busy prints are to be avoided over large surfaces, small patches, say a shirt collar coming out of the top of a sweater, are acceptable. Scarves, bracelets, and beautiful necklaces are excellent accent pieces, and can really add a nice touch to your outfit. For example, gold jewelry against a darker color can be quite beautiful! Oh, and don't forget the bowtie for your fur baby boys!!! <3



Tip #5. Pay Attention to Your Shoes

 As we covered in Tip #2, you want to be comfortable, but we also don't want any distractions or anyone tripping! This one is pretty easy for those who choose to do an in-home session since you can easily go barefoot, which is always my go-to at home:)! Just be sure to get those little piggies looking pretty beforehand! For the outdoor sessions, barefeet is cute but not always an option, so you'll want to choose shoes where the heel doesn't sink into the ground. You'll also want to choose shoes that won't prevent you from chasing down a toddler if needed. Lastly, be sure to switch out those neon shoes and laces for neutral colors. You'll thank me later! ;)





Tip #6. The Most Important Tip Of All!

Follow Mom's lead! Trust me, if Mom's happy, then everyone is happy!! She's likely the one who's put the most thought and planning into your photo session, and if she has an outfit or certain color she wants to be photographed in, then it's guaranteed that she's going to make everyone else look incredible for family photos! So husbands, just smile and nod and do your best to get your children to cooperate without complaint. After all, Mom knows best, right?? 




I'm always happy and available to help my clients choose what they should wear. So always know you're not alone, and you have me in your back pocket to help you if you get stuck! You can text/email your outfit ideas to me, or we can even go on a shopping trip together! One way or another, we will get you guys to look like you just stepped out of a magazine!! <3