While He's Still Little - SIXTYsecond Motion - April


For this month's SIXTYsecond Motion challenge, I thought it would be a good idea to make it really hard on myself! The first level of difficulty came in with my being present in the video and not just behind the camera. For this, I enlisted the help of my tripod and was very thankful for my wide angle lens that allowed me to even hold my camera for one of the clips while still being in it. My daughter even helped by slowly moving the camera while it was on the tripod for one of the clips, but I actually edited out the part where she moved it. Sorry sissy! It'll be in my longer "just for me" version. 

The other thing that made this shoot such a challenge was the content of the video itself. I found it quite difficult to narrow down the clips because, well, it's me and my son and our sweet little bedtime rituals that we do. I truly wanted to keep just about every single clip, but since this is meant to be a SIXTYsecond video... I had to cut out a lot of what I loved. Thus my having a "just for me" version. ;) 

When your babies start looking less like babies and more like tiny adults, you begin to grasp at every "baby thing" that they still do in an attempt to keep them small for as long as possible. At least, that's how it is for me. I especially feel that way with my son in knowing that he will likely be our last baby, unless God has other plans that He's holding onto for us. So, I knew that the special bedtime routine that my son and I do together had to be documented. I wanted to not only be able to see it, but I wanted to hear it as well. Hearing the sound of his sweet voice asking for his blanket, or singing along to our bedtime songs, and even asking for his blanket are all of the things that I long to hold onto for as long as possible! As much as I love photography, that is the one thing that photos alone can't do. Photos elicit an emotional response and help to take you back to all of the beautiful memories in your life, but when you add in the sound and movement in the way that film does... there is simply nothing that compares! 

I'm so thankful to have found a love for film. Something I honestly never thought I would pursue, but here I am doing just that. My son and I sat together earlier today and watched the final video together, and he quickly asked to watch it again, and again, and again at least 5 more times. I teared up as I held his squishy little toddler frame in my arms, and snuggled him tight. He's still my baby, and will always be my baby! I am cherishing every moment of him being able to fit in my arms, every moment that he says to me "I want to hold you.", and every single moment that he lets me. Being a mom is hard sometimes. It's not always easy being depended upon for every need (and want) that your little ones have, and it can get lonely at times as well. But these... these are the types of moments that make it all worth while and then some!


Don't forget to follow along with all of the other SIXTYsecond Motion ladies! Next up is my sweet friend, the oh so talented Jacque Jackson of Ollipop Photography. You won't want to miss all of the beautiful work the ladies in the SIXTYsecond Motion group are creating, so have a look!

The release of my family film packages is quickly approaching, so be sure to be on the lookout! If you don't think you can wait another minute, go ahead and send me a message below, and we can discuss. I'd love to be the one who captures all of the wonderful sounds and movements of you and the ones you love most!!


Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

Keep it real,
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