Documenting your family's story so that you can simply live it.


What is family documentary?


To put it plainly, family documentary photography is capturing life as it happens. Taking what would be your every day "ordinary" moments, and unmasking their true and unique beauty. As your photographer, I will be that fly on the wall, quietly observing and documenting your family's truest and most genuine interactions. In lieu of posing and telling you to"say cheese" I will let you do YOU. Snuggle, play, giggle, be still and quiet, and get loud and crazy with the ones you love. All the while giving me the opportunity to piece together your story, and reveal your family's fantastically genuine, quirky personality. In the end, providing you with beautifully preserved family memories in photographs to cherish and pass down from one generation to the next. 


Who is Nikki?

I am a Christian.

  I am a wife and mother.

  I am a lover of queso and wine.

 I am a storyteller.

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"This is the 2nd time we have used Olive Shoot! Love Love Love! She is so thoughtful, and brings things for the girls to do during the photo shoot. She makes them laugh, and they have such a good time. We now have perfect candid shots that show all three of our crazy little girls personalities."  

-Julie N.


"So thankful to Olive Shoot photography for capturing such beautiful photos and being so patient and encouraging as I took breaks to nurse and console a newborn. I couldn't ask for better photos and memories made that day during our session!"     

-Chelsea E.


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