Unposed. Unscripted.
Undeniably You.


What is Documentary Family Photography?


Removing the pressure of perfection, documentary family photography is entirely about real life. Real moments. It's simply about letting a day in your life unfold in front of my lens and capturing the beauty of what family truly FEELS like in each photograph.

The unscripted and un-posed nature of a documentary family session allows the true and unique interactions of your family to be unmasked.

The expressions, emotions, fun, silliness and loving affection of your family, as well as all of the wild abandon of childhood. 

In lieu of posing and telling you to"say cheese" I will let you do YOU.

Snuggle, play, giggle, be still and quiet, and get loud and crazy with the ones you love. All the while giving me the opportunity to piece together your story, and reveal your family's fantastically genuine, quirky personality.

Lastly, you will hold in your hands beautiful albums and photographs that perfectly preserve your family memories. As the years fly by, they will remain constant on your walls and coffee tables - an enchanting recollection of how you used to spend your days.


Who is Nikki?

houston family photographer - It's me-9468.jpg

I am a Christian.

I am a wife and mother of 2.

I am a lover of queso and wine.

I am a storyteller.

The Word Around Town


"I seriously welled up and cried when Nikki came over to show us our fully edited session on our big TV in our playroom. It was beautiful beyond words."

- Veronika Romeis from Veronika's Blushing

"Love Love Love! Nikki is so thoughtful! She makes the girls laugh, and they have such a good time. We now have perfect candid shots that show all three of our crazy little girls personalities."  

-Julie Needham

"Can Nikki just follow us around every weekend?!?! I'm in a picture with my kids that isn't a selfie!!!! ❤❤"

- Becky Banda