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Becky B.


Nikki is a wonderful photographer. We were lucky enough to find her a couple of years back and she has been our family photographer ever since. For the first time this year we participated in her documentary photography. She followed us around for a few hours as we just did what we normally do as a family. No posing, no stressing out about matching outfits, no yelling "say cheese" between my teeth to my 2 little girls as we posed for that one perfect shot. I had no idea what she was capturing behind that lens throughout the day, but before the day was done my little girls were calling her "Aunt Nikki" and adopting her as a member of our family. They bawled when she left. Reveal day was wonderful - she brought over some sweets for us to enjoy and examples of all the products she has to offer so i could see where they might fit in our home. She was so patient as I looked through everything 1800 times and the girls ran around happy to see her again. We watched the slideshow and it took a lot for me not to cry. I take pictures. Thousands over the years since my girls were born. I always have my phone out ready to capture a cute moment, but the ones i'm usually in are selfies - or the once a year posed family picture where you can see me talking through my teeth while i'm gripping a wiggly child. These were different. WAY different. She caught a day in motherhood. The putting on of shoes, the pushing hair off of my daughter's beautiful face, the looks of their excitement and the happiness it gives me, the playing and the teeth brushing and the book reading and the bedtime giggles. All of it. I can't describe what a gift that was to me. Nikki has a wonderful talent for seeing life through a mother's eyes and documenting it for you. My only regret is that I haven't been doing this since my babies were born. These types of photographs are irreplaceable and I would highly recommend Nikki to take them for you!

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       Veronika R.


"I seriously welled up and cried when Nikki came over to show us our fully edited session on our big TV in our playroom. I was just totally taken aback by how beautifully she captured our day as a family. There was no posing, no perfect smiles, messy rooms and faces…but it was our day, and it was beautiful beyond words."

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Gin B.


“Our session with Nikki was so organic. We were able to just be ourselves and have a fun day without feeling self-conscious or intruded upon. She captured the beauty and details of the little moments and her process brings out great depth and texture in everyday materials.
She is also fun and accommodating which makes the package complete.”

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Kayla H.


“Working with Nikki from start to finish is always an enjoyable experience (especially with kiddos that would often add a layer of stress to a photo session). She is so patient and captures the best candid, in the moment shots. She definitely loves what she does and it shows in every photo she takes. The reveal of the photos from the session truly recreates memories from the day - get ready to be transported back in time and feel the emotions!! Our family has a special place in our hearts for Nikki and the moments she’s captured for us!”

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Ashlee M.


“Thank you for documenting these first precious moments of our baby girl in our home! As first time parents, we had no idea what we were doing, and I so appreciate the little snippets of advice you had for us. As for our photographs, we look back at the pictures ALL the time- I show off my GORGEOUS album that you hand-designed for us all the time, and the pictures are now our Firestick screensaver! These are the moments we will never want to forget, as you literally captured us as our hearts were growing 100x bigger for our little six-pound babe!”

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Alicia K.


“Nikki quickly put me to ease with her calm approach to every shot. She truly made it an amazing experience and the pictures came out beautifully. I look forward to her documenting our sweet baby girls life as she grows!”

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Julie N.

"This is the 2nd time we have used Olive Shoot! Love Love Love! She was recommended to me by a friend, and we have loved her photos ever since. She is so thoughtful! She makes my girls laugh, and they have such a good time. We now have perfect candid shots that show all three of our crazy little girls personalities." 

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