Hello Friend!! I'm Nikki:)

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My faith in God is my foundation, bringing glory to Him is my purpose, my husband and two precious children are my joy and physical sign of grace, and my photography is my way of holding onto every last detail.


6 Fun Facts About Me


You're inviting me into your home and sharing a bit of your life with me, so it's only fair if I allow you into my world a little, and let you know what makes me tick. So here you go...


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1. I keep things real - I don't have the energy to pretend to be perfect, and I encourage those around me to avoid expending that same unnecessary energy. My house is often messy, the laundry is rarely folded on the same day (or same week), and I don't know when I last cleaned my shower.

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2. I'm an observer - I've always been the observant type. Going to the beach, park, or out shopping, I find myself watching the people around me. This makes being a Documentary Family Photographer a very natural fit. I watch, I listen, and I'm often told that I capture the personalities of my families to a tee. I guess you could say I'm a professional people watcher!

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3. I love me some kiddos - I've worked with children my entire life! I grew up with my mom being the Children's Minister at church, so I worked in the nursery and helped in classrooms from the moment I was old enough to care for a baby. Being a mother to a 5 and 3 year old also means that I'm well versed on temper tantrums and mood swings, so no need to fret if your little one starts to head down that road during out time together. Been there, still dealing with that! And don't be surprised if your tiny humans refer to me as "Aunt Nikki" by the end of our session! It happens more than you might think. ;)

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4. You cry, I cry - I'm a self-proclaimed empathetic crier. I cry almost anytime I see someone else cry. I tend to put myself in other people's shoes and imagine how I would feel if I was in similar circumstances.
*Cue the tears*
My empathy carries over to you when you invite me into your world. I pay close attention to the things that matter most to you, and create photos of those very emotions, interactions, and real-life happenings.

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5. I am a photo junky - I love to take them, I love to look at them, but I also love getting them printed and for my walls and albums. That's why when past clients would tell me they never got around to printing the photos I took of their family, I knew I had to make some changes.

Photos need to be out, breathing and reviving memories for us on a daily basis!

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6. I love food! - It's my biggest weakness. Tex-Mex food in particular! Take me to a Lupe Tortilla's, and any self-restraint that I may have goes out the window when the chips and queso is put on the table!

Lupe's is the best!


So that's a peek into who I am. Now that you know a little more about me, I think it's time we meet in person and begin our adventure to
documenting your life, your personalities, your family and your every day in photographs.
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