Hello there! I'm Nikki...


I consider myself a storyteller rather than a photographer.

I am the most creative when I can provide a unique viewpoint to a seemingly ordinary situation, helping to breathe life into each photograph. My life’s mission within my business is to provide my clients with a time capsule that encompasses a family's everyday life experiences in compelling and beautiful photos to treasure forever.


Capturing memories has become an imperative for me now that my husband and I have our two small children to create experiences for. I long to ensure that the memories we make, both big and small, are preserved in the photographs that I take. I treat my clients as I do my own family and show their genuine interactions and raw emotions as they play and engage with one another making real life memories.

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When you invite me into your world, we will tell your family's own extraordinary story and preserve a lifetime of memories together. Click the button below to contact me and let's start that journey today!