“Nikki is a wonderful photographer... I take pictures. Thousands over the years since my girls were born. I always have my phone out ready to capture a cute moment, but the ones i'm usually in are selfies - or the once a year posed family picture where you can see me talking through my teeth while i'm gripping a wiggly child. These were different. WAY different. She caught a day in motherhood. The putting on of shoes, the pushing hair off of my daughter's beautiful face, the looks of their excitement and the happiness it gives me, the playing and the teeth brushing and the book reading and the bedtime giggles. All of it. I can't describe what a gift that was to me. Nikki has a wonderful talent for seeing life through a mother's eyes and documenting it for you. My only regret is that I haven't been doing this since my babies were born. These types of photographs are irreplaceable and I would highly recommend Nikki to take them for you!”
-Becky Banda


Click to enlarge the images to view this family's every day, extra ordinary life through my lens.