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Let’s face it, we as moms who birthed our little ones, we all know that those first days in the hospital with your new little bundle can be a bit hazy. You’re tiny human who was once on the inside is now on the outside. You catch your first glimpse of that adorable little button nose, count all of the fingers and toes, and start to compare all of those itty bitty features to those of you and your husband.

In the meantime, the wonderful hospital staff is checking in on you and baby, you’re trying to keep track of all feedings and diaper changes, and sleep is basically non-existent. It’s easily one of the most wonderful days of your life in whirlwind form. Which is why I just think the concept of Fresh 48 sessions is so unbelievably special. So many firsts happen in such a short period of time, and easily get lost in the busyness of the day and night.

I remember my friend Jill, featured in the film below, telling me how after the birth of her first child she remembered so very little of her time in the hospital, and how truly thankful she was for having me there to photograph those sweet moments for her. She wanted to make sure we did it again for her second little one, but we took it a step further this time around! Not only did her family come away with what the day looked and even felt like in photographs, but she also has the sounds and movements embedded in their film as well. Those newborn baby cries, while they may not be the thing you want to hear while your baby is still a newborn, they easily become a sound you never want to forget once those cries get older. And don’t get me started on the older siblings loving on, checking on, and even worrying over their brand new little baby brother or sister. Talk about moments you want to hold onto forever and ever and always! There were so many special moments during my time with the Burkey family, and I could not be more thrilled and deeply honored that they had me share in that time with them! All my love to them, and let’s give a big welcome to the world to baby Hannah!


It’s a beautiful thing to see a family growing, learning, and transitioning into a brand new stage of life. A journey that will be full of highs, lows and everything in between. A life that I hope and pray will be full of joy, love, and all of the devotion one can possibly muster. Thank you to the Burkey family for inviting me in, and I am excited for your journey ahead!

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