Mother's Day - A Tribute to Moms


Mother : 

a female parent; maternal tenderness or affection; The definition of a mother is a woman who gives birth or who has the responsibility of physical and emotional care for specific children.


While these might be a couple of the definitions you find when you look up the word mother on the world wide web, every Mom knows there is so much more that defines this fantastic role that every mother plays in their children's lives.

The hurry up's of the anticipation of meeting the growing baby in your belly. The slow down's of wanting time to move a little slower, or even stop, when they start to lose their fresh newborn appearance,


or when they no longer fit in your lap the way they used to, or they're walking the stage of graduation, or even getting married and having babies of their own. It's a long and sometimes tiring(exhausting) road, but it's one worth traveling. The ups and downs of dealing with the ever changing moods of your toddler, the excitement after the winning of their soccer game, or dealing with the aftermath of their first real heartbreak.


There's so much that happens in this journey of being a mom. So many sleepless nights, and spending your days walking in a haze. So many times that you are pulled in a million directions with the "Mommy, I want... mommy, I need... mommy give me.... mommy watch this..." requests and demands throughout the course of a day. Consequently, leading to the term all  Mom's are familiar with, Mommy Brain, where you feel like you're losing your mind and couldn't even begin to know where to start looking for it. There's moments where you melt when your child calls you mommy, and by the end of the day you're hoping they will just sit quietly for the rest of the day and not say your name again. 


You strive to keep your children happy without compromising on their well-being or what boundaries you have put in place as the one who is responsible for bringing them up to the best of your ability. You'll dig through the laundry bin until you find their favorite shirt.  You allow the chaos to happen until you feel injury may occur, or you might blow your top. And you laugh your loudest belly laugh at the silliness that takes over in those moments of pure joy.


Bearing the name Mom is a role that is rarely, if ever, easy. You are required to answer their questions about everything, from the basic learning questions to the more difficult questions regarding the frightening events that unfold in this world. You are there for the times they scrape their knees in your presence, when they are hungry or thirsty, or when they just need to be in the comfort of their mother's arms. 


While you may not be a superhero in the literal sense of the word, your little ones certainly look to you as if you are. And, in my opinion, you should be celebrated as such on this Mother's Day, as well as every other day of the week. So, to you, Mom, I wish you a very...

Happy Mother's Day! 


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