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This is a question I hear a lot when potential clients first hear about a Family Documentary Session. "You're just going to take pictures of us hanging out?" And the answer is... yes!! Because when you "just hang out" this is what the result looks like! If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, then it's no secret just how excited I have been to share the photos of this particular day with you all! I was greeted by Mom in the driveway, and then by the girls and Dad at the swing set at the grandparent's house!

Our Piece Of Life Session may have started at the swing set, but continued from there to scooter races, gymnastics, swimming, to playing with baby dolls, to dinner, and finished off with a little screen time and bath time for the girls (Oh the screen and bath time... so fun!)! Phew, I know!!! It was a lot, huh?? But for anyone with kids, they know how quickly they transition from one activity to the next. And let me tell you, these beautiful, vibrant, sassy and spunky little girls led the way in true childhood fashion and I simply followed without any bit of direction. This is pretty close to what my house looks like. The endless activities, the constant movement that doesn't stop until they finally succumb to exhaustion at the end of the day. The imagination that shows through with every toy that they play with, and the singing of songs all day long! It's the magic of childhood, and the joy of parenthood when you see just how amazing your every day, no frills needed family truly is. 

When I take photographs of you "just hanging out" it's a way of showing all of that and more, while allowing you to be 100% involved in it all. 

So without further ado, this is my incredible, every day, afternoon with the Needham Family!


From Dad receiving instructions for the game he wasn't quite sure how to play, to big sis bumping her head on the pool wall to the moment when kids do weird things^^^ 
It was all fantastic!! Well, maybe the bump on the head isn't fantastic, but when Dad is there to console you, it makes it all better!

I loved the snuggles between Momma and her youngest baby! They remind me of how I still try to hold my wiggly toddler like a baby as much as I can because I know he will grow too big to do so in the not so distant future. It's so important to hold them while they're little! 

What a joy it was watching these girls play, not only with each other, but with their Momma as well. Their faces lit up every time she participated in their pretending. These girls have themselves one amazing Mom! And how great is the littlest one pouring some coffee for Momma while she feeds not one, but two baby dolls?!

Any parent of busy and silly children can, I'm sure, relate to this shared glance between Mom and Dad. The look of,
"Oh my, our children are wild and silly, and we could not be more lucky!" 


Those smiles, the laughter, and the tiny bit of bickering that made littlest sis cry and middle sis look incredibly guilty... I just cannot get over how fun these three are!!

I don't know about you, but this is exactly what my house looks like after bath time. I always hear people say that bath time calms their children down, and it makes me wonder what their putting in their baths seeing as mine bounce off the walls after their bath. Much like the photo above shows happening in the Needham family too!


And of course, no day would be complete without a teaching lesson from Big Sis teacher. One of their most favorite past times!

Thank you so much to the Needham's for allowing me to come into your world and provide you with all of these memories and then some from this period of life that your family is currently in. Your session brought so much joy to me, as I've already expressed to you, and I so look forward to the next time that we get together!


To the rest of you who are reading this, I have one question for you. Would you like to "just hang out" with me?? It is, without question, your turn to see your family through my lens, and find out just how amazingly NOT boring your life truly is.  Let me tell your story in photographs, and make sure all of the quirks, silliness, laughter, snuggles, and all of the wonderful things that make up your family become art to hang on your wall and stored in your family albums for safe keeping. Contact me by clicking the button below! 

Let's Keep It Real,
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