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The tree has been taken down and all of the lights have been packed into their respective boxes, which is easily the saddest day following Christmas. So looking back on our adventure to one of the local sites that sparkles the most helps a little with the letting go of the twinkly lights. We met up with some sweet friends of ours to take in the sites, and attempt to navigate our way through the crowds and see the lights. We so enjoyed the hayride that took us around through the many tunnels of lights, and they even brought in some “snow” to provide the opportunity of a snowball fight. Though, sadly, the temperatures being in the upper 40’s turned the snow into more of a slush.

The price we pay for living in Houston, right? Haha

Santa’s Wonderland was definitely worth seeing at least once, although I highly recommend going on a weeknight and not on the weekend. But even with the crowds, there were smiles on our little ones faces and plenty of fun to be had! Thankfully, even when the twinkling lights go away, the sparkle in the eyes of my children continue, and that is much more magical than any little light bulb could possibly be! Even better, I get to enjoy it year round!


My lovely group of photographer friends and I have decided to continue our 10 on 10 blog circle where we share 10 images from one day. Be sure to head over to Jessica Dherari’s BLOG to see how she pieced together her 10 images and continue around the circle. You won’t be disappointed, I promise!

I hope you celebrated the New Year with a bang and are ready for the life adventures that 2019 will bring. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to have your family’s everyday beauty photographed by me! I would love to show you just how well and how beautifully your family loves one another through my lens! Just click the button below! There’s no time like the present ;)


I look forward to seeing you on the other side of that click! Until then…

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