5 Reasons Why You Want An In Home Lifestyle Session - Houston, TX Family Photographer

What is an "in home lifestyle" session? Well, I'm glad you asked! An in home lifestyle session is when you invite me into your home, and I photograph your family doing the things that you love to do. Yes, we will get the photo of everyone looking and smiling at the camera as well, but for the majority of our time together you will be interacting with each other, and not me. I will offer some direction along the way to lead you into the photo worthy scenarios and lighting, but from there I capture the moments that follow. No posing, just interactions! What are the benefits of doing family photos this way? I have a few reasons that just might make you never want to do your family photos at an unfamiliar location ever again! Keep reading to find out my 5 reasons for why you want an in home lifestyle session.


1. Sentimental Value

There's a comfort and a simplicity in being in the place you call home surrounded by the things you love. Being photographed at an unfamiliar outdoor location just doesn't offer the same emotional connection as being photographed on the couch where you and your husband or children snuggle and watch movies, or where you comforted your toddler after they fell and scraped their knee, or sitting at the table where your child colored their very first picture. It's just not possible to pack up all of those memories and bring them along with you. So why not bring me to where those memories are made? That way we can capture your family being a family, and doing all of the things that you all look the most forward to doing together.


2. Capturing the Every Day

How cool would it be to have photos of your child jumping on their bed, or helping you bake cookies? Is there a funny and unusual place your child likes to be when they're reading a book or playing their video game? Do they love to go outside and dig around in the dirt or dress up like their favorite super hero or princess? Those memories are the ones that are priceless and should be preserved forever. Every day life is what we all remember most! It's where those moments play out that make us feel like our heart just might explode right out of our chest!


3. No Distractions

One of the best things about being in the privacy of your own home is that you never have to worry about a weirdo with a fanny pack and short shorts showing up in the background of your photos. Yes, I've had similar things happen! When you're at a public location, there's a good chance that we have to wait for people to pass us by, and often times can cause a major distraction for the little ones who already have that short attention span. One of the biggest distractions for most children is the temptation to explore. How many times has your toddler walked off when you were hoping for a great family photo? And yes, this can obviously happen at home, but at least in your home you don't have to worry about where they might end up. That alone makes it a little easier on mom and dad. No more chasing!! :)


4. What If My Home Isn't Pretty?

Now you might be saying, "But my house is a mess!!" or "My house isn't decorated like a Potter Barn store window." Let me put your mind at ease by saying, messes can easily be shot around or pushed to the side. Just like you see in the pictures below, the first one is a photo of what I wanted you to see. The other two are of the giant mess (please don't judge the messy room... or my messy hair;) that I moved to the side so that they wouldn't serve as a distraction in this sweet memory with my kiddos! Not everything in your home will be in your photos, and we will always make sure to photograph the things that you DO want as opposed to the things you don't. Furniture will likely be adjusted for lighting purposes, and only particular rooms will be used for the same reason. We've all seen those signs that say "Don't mind the mess, my children are making memories." Well, the only "mess" that will be photographed are the ones you want to have in the photos of those memories!


5. Shyness Fades Much Faster

What happens when you bring your child to a new area to meet an adult they've never met before, or who they rarely see? I don't know about you, but it always takes my daughter and son a while to warm up to new people and surroundings. This is one of THE most beneficial things about having photos at your house. Your children are already comfortable since they're at home, and asking them to do the things they already love to do(which we will go over in our pre-consultation) allows them the flexibility to choose the thing they love the most. This also helps to bring out your child's incredible personality, and allows them to relax and enjoy the experience. And guess what?? That allows YOU to relax and be able to enjoy the experience as well! And BONUS!! You don't have to worry about their clothes getting wrinkled in the car, or them getting dirty or stepping in dog poop... yes I've had that very thing happen!


So next time you're thinking about where you would like to have your family's photos taken, you just might want to consider just staying home! Have your favorite photographer (*cough* me) come to you and remove some of the hassle for you. Allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy our time together, remove the unwanted distractions, and most of all let's preserve those truly priceless and irreplaceable memories and moments that you cherish the most!