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Take Me Out To The Ball... Park | The Glasser Family | Documentary Family Photographer in Houston TX

Every family has their own unique story. They experience different highs and lows, they scale their own mountains, walk through their own valleys, and they carry on their own traditions from one generation to the next. The Glasser family is no exception as their story contains so many one of a kind experiences and traditions. Some good, some bad, and some spectacular! One very deeply rooted tradition is their love for...

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What Would Your Experience Be? | Houston Family Photographer

Think back over all of your favorite every day memories in your life. Is there a particular person who stands out to you? Is there a certain experience with that person that you don't have a photo of and so wish you did? If you were able to plan a session around one experience, what would it be? These are the types of questions that I...

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Digital Files And The Dangers That Lie Within | Houston, TX Photographer

Do your family's memories live on your phone or computer? How many of those photos have you actually printed out and have on display in your home? If you're anything like I used to be...

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Preparing My Toddler For Our Documentary Family Pictures

Every parent with toddlers has been there! You soooo want your little angel to cooperate for your family picture day, but you're worried they will have other plans, as they so often tend to do. Rest assured, I'm here to save the day with my 5 quick and easy tips to help overcome the terrible two's (or three's... or four's...) when picture day comes around!!

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5 Reasons Why You Want An In Home Lifestyle Session - Houston, TX Family Photographer

What is an "in home lifestyle" session? What are the benefits of doing family photos this way? I have a few answers that just might make you never want to do photos at a location you've never been to ever again! Here are my 5 reasons for why you want an in home lifestyle session.

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Dreading Finding The Perfect Outfit For Your Photo Session?

Do you dread picking out what to wear for your family photo shoots?? Well you're in luck! Below I have laid out 6 tips to make the selection process as stress free as possible when choosing the perfect outfits for you and your beautiful family!

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