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It's happened again. Your child is a year older and you aren't sure how you feel about it. You're faced with the mixed emotions of pure joy in knowing that your baby is healthy and happy, and before you blink your eyes again you feel that overwhelming ache knowing that your baby is getting further away from being your baby. Of course, you know that no matter how old or big they get, they will always be your baby, but the way they fit in your arms is constantly changing.

All of the party preparations have been made. You've found the perfect theme that your child loves, you've jumped on Amazon to load up on decorations, and you've found the perfect cake and party favors for your guests. Your child is gleaming and overcome with the excitement of having all of her friends and family in the same place, and looking forward to all of the fun that will be had.

Once the cake has been eaten, the gifts have been opened, and the last guest has left you begin to wonder if you're in a single photo from your child's birthday party. This is the point where you wonder if you should have hired a photographer (me) to document such a special occasion for your family, and you realize the answer is a resounding




Jill and Bill, affectionately known by the birthday girl as mommy and daddy, did just that very thing. Amongst all of the planning, Jill made sure that I was going to be there with camera in hand to capture some of the sweet moments of not only their precious girl, Stella, but of the friends and family who attended the big celebration! She, as the party planner/mom, had enough to worry about, and left the picture taking to someone else. It was such a fun time, and all of their efforts paid off in every way! We even cleared out (barely) just in time for the rain clouds to move in! (See last photo where stormy winds have their hair in a tizzy) The birthday girl had a blast, smiles and silliness were photographed, and Stella was treated like the little birthday princess that she is with all of the love and attention that she was given.


The swings were a big hit on that warm summer morning in July. The birthday girl loved it, and so did all of the small-in-size-but-not-in-heart party attendees. If I had to guess, it was likely due to the lovely breeze they got while flying through the air.


Stella had such a great turn out with all of her big kid buddies coming to celebrate her, her mommy and daddy caring for her,

and all of her little baby buddies too who may not have been big fans of the heat!


One of my favorite parts was watching Stella and her mommy going down the steep slide together, and all of the smiles that it brought about. I think that may have been Stella’s favorite part as well! Seriously, look at those smiles!!


All of the family members doting over the birthday girl is always such a special thing to witness at any child’s birthday party! Stella’s family was no exception as they each made a point to love on her at various times throughout the party.


Then came all of the “Happy Birthday” singing and cake eating! The cupcakes were made by one of Stella’s adoring grandmothers, and eaten by everyone at the party!


*Sidenote: how adorable is that scrunchy nose, and those rainbow painted finger nails to match her birthday outfit and decorations? (per Stella’s request) She is just the cutest and so fashionable like her momma!!*


Then all of Stella’s friends were invited to join in on the yumminess of the cupcakes before returning for some more play time!


The ladders were climbed up, the slides were slid down, and all of the different swings were swung on before the party’s end. So much fun was had by all!


It was a beautiful day with a ton of beautiful people, all for one beautiful little girl!

I’m so thankful that Jill and Bill reached out to me, and that I was able to capture all of the love that surrounded little Stella on her big day! Thank you so much to the amazing Burkey family for entrusting me with your family’s memories made!!

When it comes time for your little one’s special day, I would love to be invited to join the fun and photograph all of the party happenings for you. If you’re ready today, go ahead and click the button below and let’s put it on the calendar!


Until then…

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