Eclipse at Totality


When the love of my life told me that he wanted to go to Kentucky to see the solar eclipse for his 35th birthday, I didn't really understand what he was so excited about. I mean, he had been planning this for something like 5 years! I had seen an eclipse or two before, and really didn't think that they were worth driving a long distance with two small children to go and see. It wasn't until we started looking for hotels near the destination that he had picked out when it became very evident by the lack of availability and increased hotel rates that this was a pretty big deal. We ended up staying in Nashville, and we really couldn't even explore the city because it too was overrun by people who were there to view the eclipse. It was nuts!

We ventured over to Sparta, TN to get away from the crowds, and make the next leg of our trip a little bit easier. My husband's parents and brother also met us there, which was so wonderful to have them there to experience this all together. I must say that nothing prepared any of us for what we would witness that day! There have only been three moments in my life when my eyes instantly and uncontrollably filled with tears. My wedding day when I saw my husband, and at the birth of both of my children. The moment that the moon stopped perfectly over the sun, turning the day to night in the middle of the afternoon, making it look like dusk all the way around us easily became the 4th. It was totally and completely unexpected, and just a phenomenal experience! The wonder of God's creation on full display, and the work of His hand putting everything into motion, I could hardly contain my emotion! I am so glad I was able to witness this with my husband, children, and that even his parents and brother were able to join us! I'm so glad my husband was born on this day, and that his nerdy science-y side was paying attention to when this was going to take place! Here are just a few photos from our time spent there. I, sadly, did not have the proper equipment to photograph the eclipse, but I was still able to capture a few decent shots, thankfully! The lighting was some of the trickiest I've ever shot in with all of the odd directional light and shadows. The skies were hazy, the light was shining practically straight down on top of us, causing the shadows to be even darker than they typically are at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. It was almost spooky how everything looked and even felt. Although, we were quite thankful for the drop in temperature as the sun disappeared from view. I love that this is a memory that we will forever have, and I hope to make some spectacular prints for my husband for his birthday! Shhhh, don't tell him ;)

If you get the chance to see this in person, DO IT!!!! I'm so serious, this is something you need to witness at least once in your life! There's another total solar eclipse happening in April of 2024, and this time totality will happen over central Texas! Do not miss out on this chance!! You have plenty of time to plan for it , so no excuses! 

I hope to see you there,
Nikki G.


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