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Could I ask for anything more? Being apart of little Harper and Lincoln's first cookie baking experience was just so special. Harper was so hands on in helping her momma, Veronika, and wanting to assisty in any way she could. Lincoln was all about watching his big sister put it all together, and kept his daddy, Kevin, busy in the times that he had to burn off some energy or gaze out the window. Something his momma says she catches him doing all the time.

I just loved seeing the look of pride on little Harper's face as she admired her handiwork. Little brother was also quite impressed, and was also wondering when it was time to taste those freshly baked cookies.


They each oversaw the entire project to completion, making sure momma got them in the oven safe and sound, and would return to check in on those delicious morsels of chocolaty goodness! 

Once the timer was set, and the cookies were safe and sound in the oven, it was time to do a little jumping on the bed, painting toenails for the girls, and wrestling on the floor for the boys. Let me just tell you, the looks of love, admiration and joy that these four give to each other are priceless. They were all so good at giving that look. You know, the look where you can just see and feel the overflow of love that they have for one another. It's such a beautiful thing when you can easily see how much one person loves another. They were there for each other. There to hold the hand of the ones learning to climb the stairs, there to listen to the other when they had something to say, there to laugh when the other was being silly, and there to sit and rock the other when they needed a little quiet time. This is family.

Pretty soon, we heard the timer going off and everyone hurried downstairs to partake of the scrumptious cookies. Harper even got an ice cream sandwich out of the deal. So much yum!!!

As I'm sure all of you momma's can attest to, what quickly follows a melty chocolate dessert? Why a wardrobe change, of course. Especially for those little boys. Oh the messes they can make! But at least they're super cute doing it;) As I mentioned in my Sneak Peek on Instagram of this lovely family, they love their book reading, so the transition from cookies to story time was seamless. All the snuggles, all the giggles, and all the silliness comes out in story time!  

I don't know about you, but when the silliness sets in, it's time to head up to the playroom where the kids can have a little more freedom. That's how it works at my house, and it would seem the Romeis family holds to the same idea. So, up we went and the fun was definitely had by all! 

This fantastic group of people knows how to have a good time! Which is funny because mom even made mention that her family was "boring" and wasn't sure what I would even photograph. I'm a firm believer in the fact that no family is boring. They're simply used to their every day lives, and sometimes need to be reminded of just how beautiful these simple moments are. We spent 3 hours together, and there wasn't a single moment where I was twiddling my thumbs waiting for sweet moments to unfold. The day was full of moments and memories! It brought so much joy to my heart to see Veronika's eyes well up with tears as she watched their gallery slideshow, and hear her say "It's like our own little story book!" She and her husband didn't really know what to expect with this Documentary Photography style, but they were curious enough to invite me into their home, and have me follow them around for the afternoon. She also let me know that she doesn't usually decorate with family photos, but at the end of her reveal she showed me exactly where she plans to hang her prints, and how much she loves the real life moments that were captured.

Life has so many beautiful memories, and there are times when someone else might have to help you see them. That's why I do what I do. That's why I choose to document the real life moments, where all of the emotions and interactions truly are, making them some of the most cherished photographs that an individual will ever have. There's beauty in the simple. There's extraordinary in the ordinary,  and this life that we live is a one time thing, so don't forget to stop, take a look around, and take in all of the beauty that it holds.

If you would like to have this reminder. To have another perspective of your every day life, then I would love to be the one who documents your life so that you can simply live it. Let's document your life together!

Embrace every moment,
Nikki G.

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