The Layers of My Life | March 365


Last month’s shooting challenge for my One Photo A Day 365 was my favorite so far!! Shooting layered images is something I’ve become very intrigued by over the last few months, and I am really trying to push myself in creating some truly amazing layered images. They’re not easy. There’s a ton of elements you have to look for, and while I haven’t mastered it I love working towards the goal of getting closer and closer with each shot I take! Of course, as any creative will tell you, I doubt I’ll ever feel as though I’ve “mastered” it. There’s always things to learn and push myself to do which is why I love creating to begin with. It’s not simply about taking a photograph of something happening. It’s about putting my creative perspective on what my life looks like to me and carrying that over to the families that I work with. I want to create compelling and thoughtful storytelling images for my clients as well as for myself and my family.

I love the push that this 365 provides me. There are plenty of days I do not feel like picking up the camera, but I will tell you that there’s not a single time that I regret doing so. These daily family memories are already a treasure to me, and I know they will be cherished even more so later on down the road when my babies have more than grown out of the childhood life stages that we’re living right now. So here’s to this phase, and to all of the fantastic phases that are yet to come!!


Now it’s your turn! All that’s left is for you to click the button below, fill out the contact form and we can start our journey together to create compelling art of you and your family in whatever your phase of life is today. I’d love to see you, and show you just how utterly fantastic your family is through my lens! From all of the loving and tender moments, to the true to life wild and crazy moments, to all of the hilarity that ensues, you will come away with a storybook of images that are solely about you and yours!! Let’s get to it…


Until then, I encourage you to…

Keep it real,
Nikki Gould

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