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I knew my husband was an incredible man when I married him. Obviously, that's why I married him. I also knew he would make a great father, but what I didn't know was just how well he was going to love and care for our children before I witnessed it first hand. Is he perfect, no. No man living today is. But what makes him so special is that he's always willing to admit when he's wrong and apologize when the situation calls for it. He's always striving to do better for his family, and sets a beautiful example for our children in that way. 

Watching him teach and challenge our children each day is something I never grow tired of. Our son is still too young to request to help, but just about any time our daughter says she wants to help with dishes, or washing the car, he gives her the opportunity to try. This is something I know will be a very cherished memory for them both throughout the years.

One of my favorite things that he does is get our kids outside to play after work and on the weekends! It's incredibly rare for him to deny their requests to go outside and play, and watching them run around together warms my heart so much! He's so great at making each of them smile!


He's also willing to stick by my side, no matter what my crazy request or idea might be. Our little guy hates anything touching his face. Especially water! Our daughter had taken brother for a ride in her power wheel through the sprinkler on this day, but I was on the wrong side to get little brothers reaction on camera. So, I convinced my husband to take him for a ride and torture him for half a second, so that I could get his reaction. Before running him through the sprinkler my husband said he was giving our son a pep talk saying, "This is all mommy's doing. You may not trust me much after this, but just remember that mommy made me do it!" Haha Thankfully our little guy survived the light sprinkle, and he still trusts his Daddy fully.

Pretty much from the time our son was born up until about 6 months ago he only wanted mommy. But now, momma's boy has become much more attached to his loving Daddy! There were many frustrating days and nights for Daddy before that though. He would literally have to stand with our little guy for hours while I was out doing a shoot in order to keep him from crying the entire time. He often wondered if his son would ever like him. There's absolutely no question now if our son loves his Daddy! The excitement in his voice and light in his eyes when Daddy gets home from work makes that point undeniable!

Being a father is more than just fun and games. There's a lot of work involved in not only making sure everyone's happy, but also in the pressure of making sure the family is provided for. I'm blessed by my husband to be able to be home with our children every day and to pursue my dream as a photographer, while he works his 9-5 job without complaint. He's currently working in an office environment, but hopes and dreams of opening his own brewery one day. He makes some really delicious beer, and he works hard to win local and national competitions every year, and seeking out investors to assist in this dream. His pursuits and efforts will, I'm sure, be a quality that our children will admire about their Dad. In the meantime he enjoys the welcome he receives when he gets home from work in the evenings!

His willingness to pick up the slack when life gets in the way of my preparing dinner or doing the dishes is one thing I'm incredibly thankful for. He sets a fantastic example for our son to see just how a husband should love his wife and family, as well as teaching our daughter just what a good man looks like! He also makes some delicious fajitas, and one seriously delicious, restaurant quality, mouth watering steak!!

He loves his family well, provides in whatever way he can, takes the time to play with his children, loves his wife wholeheartedly, and teaches his children so many wonderful life lessons along the way. It's been so wonderful to watch him grow into his role as a father. I don't always show my appreciation as much as I should, but I hope that he knows just how much he is loved! 

Happy Father's Day to the man I call husband!

<3 Nikki


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