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When I began my photography journey that led me to where I am today, it started with my first born's monthly photos through her first year of life. I'll spare you the less than professional quality photos from that time, but I always loved the idea of milestone sessions. Being able to document the growth of a child, especially in their first year of life when they go through so many phases and changes, is such a wonderful thing. I love seeing them go from sleepy newborn, to learning to smile, to sitting up unassisted and pulling up to stand on their own two feet. It's a beautiful thing to witness, and such an honor to be able to document.

I have so enjoyed this past year of getting to watch sweet little Kora grow up into such a lovely young lady. She is such a fun little lady, and has such an incredible smile and personality! She's full of joy and spunk, and she keeps her mom and dad laughing and moving. You can tell when she is embraced by her parents that she is one deeply loved and cherished little girl! Mom and Dad never miss the opportunity to sneak in a kiss or cuddle, or to make as many silly faces and noises as it takes to get their baby girl to laugh!



In celebration of her first birthday, we went on a couple of really fun adventures!! When I arrived, little Kora was still napping, so of course I had to get some adorable sleeping photos. Her mom has mentioned once or twice that she naps like her Daddy:)  

After rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she collected her momma's shoes, and followed her to get dressed for the day. She traded in momma's shoes for her own, and was happy about her little Old Navy flip flops! But in true 1 year old fashion, she attempted to remove them moments after they were put on. Thankfully, she couldn't get them off, which is a good thing because they are ridiculously cute!!

She was then coaxed out of her room by her daddy, and we were off to let her enjoy some delicious ice cream! 

She enjoyed her ice cream as well as mom and dad's!

Life is definitely sweet when this little one is around! As soon as she was loaded up on sugar, mom and dad whisked her away to go play at their local splash pad. To say that Kora had fun, is quite the understatement!

After getting her little toes and fingers all pruny(or is it pruney?), these three moved over to the playground to let her dry off for a bit. Little Kora  absolutely loves the swing!!

She thought I was crazy for laying down under her swing, but I'm all about getting the interesting photos!

It's safe to say that she was worn out by the end of our afternoon together. Momma got her dried off, and daddy got her buckled up and we headed back to the house. The first thing Kora did was say hello to their three pups while momma made her a bottle and she received some more kisses from her loving daddy!

It was such a wonderful afternoon with one super happy little girl!! I'm so pleased that I was allowed the opportunity to tag along, and document such a big occasion in Kora's precious little life! What a blessing this family is to me, and have been over the past few years. I love the sweet friendship that has developed between us, starting from the day they said "I do", and I'm so going to miss getting together with them every three months for their milestone sessions to photograph their gorgeous little girl. What a beautiful day spent with a wonderful family, and such a sweet love story that they have all written and continue to write together!

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Enjoy every moment,
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