The Thomas Family


One question that often comes my way is, do you have to have children in order to have family photos taken? You might be surprised by this, but the answer is.... NO!! Were you surprised? Alright, hopefully you weren't because I fully and wholeheartedly believe that the love shared between a husband and wife is just as important to document throughout the years as a family with children. That love was undoubtedly felt between these two and their precious fur-babies!! Allow me to introduce you to Corey and Leslie Thomas and their adorable pups, Jack and Squirrel! 

This family is so sweet, loving, silly, and oh so goofy. We had a blast coming up with ways to capture the personalities of not only Corey and Leslie(which is not difficult to do as their personalities are quite amazing), but of Jack and Squirrel as well! Jack is so laid back and chilled while little sister, Squirrel, has a tiny bit more energy;). She loves to squeeze under their bed, which she probably won't be able to do for much longer, and poke her little nose out. There's only one word to describe this... adorable!!  

We hung out at the house for a little bit, and then we went to a nearby park to take in some fresh air and stretch out a bit! It was a beautiful evening, and the setting sun made for a lovely backdrop for the lovey-dovey photos we took of this incredible couple! I almost burst into the Elton John/Lion King song at one point during our time out there... or maybe I did;) But seriously, you could 100% feel the love that night between these two! Leslie always has the most beautiful smile on her face, and still finds her husband of 4 years hilarious, and Corey is always ready with the funny quips, silly sounds, and even some tickles for his gorgeous wife:)

There's no denying that these two are still very much in love!! Can we all agree that this is one absolutely adorable family?? I had such a great time spending the evening with them, and am always happy to have such laid back, easy going clients to work with! Thank you to all four of them for being so enjoyable to be around!  <3 <3 <3