The Banda Family


The amount of fun that I had at the park with the Banda family was over the top!! I'm so grateful that they chose me to help capture so many fun memories for them again this year! :) From playing ring around the rosie to chasing bubbles as far as they traveled in the wind, there was never a dull moment. This family of four is such a blast to be around! Chris and Becky are so genuinely kind and their two girls, Emma and Olivia, are so fun and silly, and of course there's little Elfie that goes everywhere little Olivia goes! One of the sweetest parts of our experience together actually came a couple of weeks after our session. The Banda family had gone to the movies, and little Olivia's Elfie was accidentally left behind. I received a frantic email from Becky asking for permission to use a screenshot of a photo of Elfie that she had not purchased to help in her search for that precious elephant since she had no decent photos of Elfie. Being a Momma and knowing just how important those cherished stuffed best buddies are, I of course allowed her to do so. Thankfully, a good Samaritan at the theater set little Elfie up near the trashcans, and Becky was able to locate him. I can only imagine the relief she felt and the joy that little Olivia had when she was reunited with her precious Elfie! I'm so happy that Elfie was apart of our session, and that their search had such a happy ending! I love when clients include personal and sentimental items in their sessions. I know Momma and Olivia will be so happy to have those photos later in life to look back on:)