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I find it pretty common for mom's who are expecting their second child to wonder just how they are going to love the new baby as much as their first born. You catch yourself just thinking about your first born and you feel like your heart is going to burst. Then you hold them in your arms and it feels like it actually does! How is it even possible to love another tiny human just as much? Well, I'm happy to report that it is totally possible! When my son was born, my second child, my last baby, my heart grew right along with this massive change in our lives. That same heart bursting feeling happens when I think about him and grows exponentially when I kiss his sweet little cheeks and feel his little arms squeeze tight around my neck. He let's me know when I lay him down at night that he never wants me out of his reach, and I do my best to soak up every last bit of it. 


With his 3rd birthday coming up next week, I find myself even more focused on taking in what smallness is left in him. While he's turning 3, he's about the size of most four and five year olds. His smallness is fading away much faster than this momma would prefer! The way he awkwardly positions his tiny hands to grab hold of small objects, the way he puts his entire arm behind his head to throw a ball, and the way he laughs... oh that laugh... I just want to soak it up like a biscuit in gravy!

(We enjoyed an afternoon at the zoo with our friends earlier this week, and these are some of my favorite photos of my silly boy!)


As a momma's boy, it's been a difficult road for him to reach the point where leaving momma's side is an easy thing for him. He's growing more confident and independent, which makes my momma heart happy/sad. He now walks into his classroom on Sunday mornings without even looking back or asking me to let him stay with me in big church. There's a strong sense of pride, yet an ache in my heart that says, "Are you sure you don't need me??" But I love seeing him make friends and form bonds with other children!


The conflict no longer comes from wondering how much room I have in my heart to be able to love my two precious little ones. Room has been made, and my heart simply feels like it's going to doubly burst when I think about how amazing my babies are! The struggle now is knowing that I will not just have one little bird to watch spread their wings and sore, but two. Parenthood is a funny thing, isn't it? We long for them to grow, learn and conquer, but we also yearn for them to never leave. 


So to my little baby boy, I pray each and every day that you grow into a strong, loving, confident, and compassionate man some day! Just please stay my little man a little while longer. Happy Birthday my precious Carter!

Your Mommy <3


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