Bringing Baby Harper Home | SIXTYsecond Motion | July


I was, once again, forced this month to sneak in an extra 35 seconds into my SIXTYsecond Motion monthly film challenge. But who can blame me where there is this much adorableness in one family?? 

I met the lovely miss Jacque Jackson a few months ago through a Facebook Photographers group. We discovered that we were both documentary family photographers in Houston, and the rest is history. She's been such a sweet friend to get to know and talk through the ups and downs of running your own photography business. We celebrate when the other is hired for different photography jobs, and encourage each other when things get a little frustrating in life, business and everything in between. She's such a lovely person inside and out, and when she announced to me that she was unexpectedly expecting her third little baby, I told her that should she need someone to take photographs or film of the introduction of this little one into their world, then I was her gal!!

Fast forward about 8 months and here I was at her house waiting for mommy, daddy and baby girl to be welcomed home by big sister and big brother! Grandma, Grandpa and tiny Harper's uncle were all there as well, but this film would have been much longer had I fit them into the project. So for now, the abbreviated version is what I will be sharing! Sweet little Harper had no idea just how loved she would be by her older siblings, and neither did her momma! They both wanted to hold her all the time and found a way to have a hand on her at just about every moment that I was there. It was the sweetest thing, and I am so happy that I was there to film their interactions with her! What a welcome home she received, and such a beautiful family and baby. I'm so happy to have met Jacque and for social media once again bringing people together to journey through this crazy life together! So many blessing to this family as they adjust to their new norm of a family of five!


Don't forget, the SIXTYsecond Motion challenge is a group effort by myself and a number of other super talented ladies who have a love for photography and film. To follow the loop around, check out Eboni Rivera's blog post HERE!! These ladies that I am on this challenge on blow me away every month, so you won't want to miss everyone's efforts in creating something magical!


I'm so excited to officially be offering Documentary Family Films to my clients!! The time has finally come, and I could not be more thrilled about it!! Now you can have a full family film of your and your precious family in loving motion, silly motion, fun motion, and even hear the precious voices of your little ones long after they've grown up! If you have been waiting for this with as much anticipation as I have, then head on over to my Contact Page and shoot me a message so that we can get your beautiful family in motion on the calendar! I can't wait to see you there!! Until then....


Keep it real,
Nikki Gould


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