Beating The Rain One Puddle At A Time | SIXTYsecond Motion | June


There's no denying it... children are the masters of making good of what could be perceived as a bad situation! We have received quite a bit of rain this month, which has in turn limited our outdoor play. But a little rain can't keep an active kid down, so out we went! In between the heavy showers, we got out to do some seriously silly puddle jumping, umbrella twirling, and ducking under the canopy of that blessed umbrella seeking shelter from the rain that soon returned. Fun was had, no shoes were worn, and some dress-up action took place once the rain picked back up.

I love having this little film of my babies! Hearing their voices, seeing their interactions, and especially watching big sister take care of her little brother, it completely melts my heart! So much so that I broke the rules a bit for my SIXTYsecond Motion monthly challenge. I supersized my film this month and added an extra minute and forty-nine seconds. My challenge group has forgiven me for it, so I hope you will do the same ;) 

So come take a look, and if you think you would like to have a home video shot by me, just say the word and let's set something up!! 

Don't forget to head over to my fellow photographer, Jacque Jackson's blog of Ollipop Photography to see what movie magic she created for this month!!


I'm totally serious! If you want your own personal family film, click the button below or email me at to get your film on the calendar! I so look forward to the opportunity to provide you with the precious memories, sounds and movements of your family!

I look forward to seeing you and your family on the other side of my lens!! Until then...

Keep it real,
Nikki Gould

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