Mommy, It's Too Loud | July 10 On 10


It happens at least twice a year. The age old question that could make or break two pretty major events in our lives....

Ok, maybe it's not that serious. Haha! But I always wonder just how to go about celebrating New Years and The 4th of July with little ones who are not too keen on loud noises. My littles love to see fireworks. They think they're so cool and say all of the "Ooo's" and "Aaahh's" when they see them on TV or from a distance. They have even hung around for a little bit to watch their older cousins set them off with their uncle and played with the sparklers. So this year, I decided to drag the family out to go to a real fireworks display at Typhoon Texas in Katy. We parked in a nearby parking lot, putting a bit of distance between us and the big kabooms. It started out pretty great watching the fireworks going off in the neighborhoods around us while we were waiting for the big show.

Once the big show began, the smiles turned to looks of awe, and each burst held their attention. The noise started to be a bit too much after a little while, and my big girl began covering her ears and asking to leave, all while little brother was enjoying every bit of it!

So after my failed attempts to convince her that the noise wasn't so bad and the fireworks were sooooo pretty, I suggested that we close the back of the car and watch through the window. She loved it and so did brother!! Right up until it got too warm in the car, and I had to open the back to breathe. Yes, I could have turned the car on, but we won't talk about my lack of thinking things through in that moment. Ha!

We didn't last much longer after the hatch was reopened, so sadly we missed the finale. The upside to that, however, is we missed a good amount of the traffic getting home which always makes my hubby happy! It was a win for all parties involved! Momma and baby brother (and Daddy too) enjoyed the "fi-works" (as my little bubba says), sissy got to leave early, and Daddy got to miss the bulk of the traffic! It was a fun night, and I love celebrating all of the big and small moments with this awesome crew of mine!! <3 

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