Let the Children Play! - Sixty Second Motion - January 2018


Going to the nearby McDonald's (or Mickie D's as it's often called in my house), and playing on their precariously rusty and rickety playground that certainly wouldn't pass inspection today, was one of the highlights of my childhood! I remember the giant Hamburglar that you had to climb up a partially enclosed ladder to get into his head/jail, and sitting on the bench hanging out with the statue of Ronald McDonald himself. It was THE place to be, as a kid. 

As I sat across from my children at Chick-Fil-A while they scarfed down their lunch as fast as they could, and begged to go play, it was a little surreal. Knowing that they're now making their own special memories is such an awesome thing to have a front row seat to! Climbing into the little car dangling overhead, zooming and then scooting down the tube slide, and playing all kinds of high pitched squeal-y games with the other children on the playground is just what feeds the soul of my little goofballs! It's pretty great for my soul as well!

If you've been following along with me here, or on Facebook or Instagram, then you know that I have taken on a few challenges to assist in refining certain skills as a photographer and documentarian for this year. One of the newer ventures I have been on in my journey is shooting film during my sessions. It's something I fell in love with last year while shooting short videos during my family sessions, and I'm so excited to be pushing myself even further to grow and learn even more about this new and exciting way of being able to look back on my life and providing the same for those who welcome me into their's. I was challenged by another photographer to join this fantastic group of film makers(both seasoned and aspiring), and each month we are to create a Sixty Second Motion video. Just 60 seconds of whatever we feel inspired by each month for one full year. Once a month we will put out a blog and link to one another in blog circle fashion to share these films that we are creating. It's sure to be a fun adventure journeying alongside so many talented photographers. Please allow me to introduce the other photographers.

My SIXTY Second Motion Pals:

-Jessica Pajimula is the photographer who presented the challenge to me, and has become a sweet friend of mine. She's a local wedding and family photographer here in Houston, loves dogs as much as I do, as well as photographing the lives of her familes! You can see more of her awesome work at Samrie Lei.

-Kelly Haymes of Momma Got Soul Photography and Films, based out of Tampa, FL, is one very cherished friend of mine! She and I (among a few other documentary photographers... you know who you are) spend time just about every day chatting about life, business, and photography in our own little group chat. She's a cool cool cat, and an insanely talented photographer and filmmaker to boot! Check out her work here!

-Rhea Bailey is located in California in the Bay Area. She has a knack for capturing those true to life, perfectly timed photographs to really show the true life of the families she works with. And while I don't know her super well, you should definitely check out her work at Halona Photography.

-Eboni Rivera is someone I've had a handful of interactions with, and every time it's been such an encouragement and so inspiring. She's located up in Long Island, NY, and she has such a big heart and is also the incredibly talented photographer behind Luxe Art Images. She also assists in making sure things run smoothly over at Fearless and Framed.

My Inspiration:

So as I sat across from my children, inspiration struck and I started filming! (Remember, I'm taking my camera everywhere these days thanks to my other challenges!) So without further ado, I'd love to share this short video of my children making fast food restaurant playground memories of their own! It was a particularly dry day, so the static electricity made for some pretty silly, hair raising-ly... shocking... moments. ;) See what I did there? Ha! Ok, I'll stop typing now, and just let you see for yourself! Enjoy!


So those are my little cuties!! Now head on over to the lovely Eboni's blog HERE and see what she created this month!!

Have your own family video filmed during your family photo session by your's truly by clicking the button below! I'd love to provide you with beautiful memories like the ones above! Until then...


Keep It Real,
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