Let's Go On An Adventure - Banda Family

For the past 3 years the Banda family has made it a tradition to take a little mini-vacation down to Moody Gardens in Galveston. Their girls absolutely love it, and their oldest, Emma, gets a kick out of playing tour guide! So when the forecast made it look like our original "day at the beach" plans were going to get rained out, it made perfect sense to switch up the plans and head to the aquarium instead. It could not have been more perfect! Not only were we able to get some really fun photos while we were there, but we also got to enjoy being in the air conditioning, which in July heat is a definite win!

Our time together began with me meeting them at their house and heading down to the aquarium, venturing down to splash around on the beach in the evening, and then concluded with bubble baths and story time back home that evening. But before it all officially began, there was a little puzzle time, collecting of Elfie (the beloved stuffed animal - yes, she has a backup for the backup), and the trying on of their rain boots. Even though they didn't actually need them. These girls, I tell you, are absolutely adorable!!

Once we made the drive down to the island, it was time to admire all of the marine life that Moody Gardens provides. Emma took the lead right away and made sure we saw everything that we could possibly see. Starting with the penguins and stingrays, followed by the exotic tropical fish which then led us to the petting of the jellyfish. Did you know you can pet them?? Obviously, not the ones that sting you but they had non-stinging jellies that were all the craze! Even little Olivia's special Elfie got to see them up close! 

Then it was off to visit the seals, and walk through the gorgeous aquarium tunnel! It was so fun watching everyone's faces light up as they made their way through each exhibit. 

Perfectly placed at the end of the tunnel is the food court where of course it was necessary to stop for some delicious ice cream and Icee's! Little Olivia ate an entire ice cream sandwich, to her parents astonishment. She was one happy little camper! Emma thoroughly enjoyed her cherry Icee as well!

From there we headed to Pleasure Pier. The evening breeze was perfect as the sun set behind us, and the girls just jumped right on into the waves, despite the many requests for them to stay out. Can you blame them though? The water was the perfect way to keep cool!

It's not common that someone throws wet sand, and it makes a perfect heart mid-air on their momma's shadow. Then again, little Olivia is far from common, as you can see in the photo below!

When the beach fun was all said and done, we began our journey back to the Banda house! The girls were so excited to show me their rooms, and they loved giggling and splashing around in the tub while mom gave them their troll hair. The bedtime routine is always such a fun, and often chaotic, time. It's always so special to see the different family interactions, from the super silly bath time and teeth brushing behavior, to the winding down to give mom and dad those much needed snuggles that get them through the craziness of the day. What a beautiful thing to be able to capture and allow each of them to have to look back on. 

I could not have asked for a better day for this Day In The Life session, and to get to spend a good majority of the day watching a family simply be a family. The love, the laughter, the conflict resolutions, the wild and crazy, and the quiet and tender, there were so many beautiful moments shared, and I am so privileged and humbled to be the person trusted to preserve such a special time! What a beautiful day! 

Now it's your turn! What would your Day In The Life session look like? Contact me below, and let's see what we can come up with. Until then...

Embrace every moment,
Nikki G.


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