SIXTYsecond Motion {February}


In our house, the birthday celebration tends to last for days and sometimes weeks after the ACTUAL birthday. Especially when the party happens one week after the big day. Explaining to my now 5 year old that people were going to still wish her a Happy Birthday even when her "for real" Birthday was several days ago was no easy feat, but she seemed to adapt well. Especially when it meant that her birthday wish came true, and she saw (almost) all of her friends! So, of course, this month's SIXTYsecond Motion video had to include the birthday fun, the party fun, and little bit of every day life fun as well! 

While the parties and special outings were so much fun for all of us, the absolute best part was watching her face light up and reassuring her of how much we love and care for her through our words and shows of affection. Making my children feel special is something I work hard to do each and every day. Some days are more subtle with the simple snuggles that send my heart to full over flow mode with all of the snuggly yummy-ness, and some days there are donuts, candles, pinatas and trips to the park involved. No matter how big or small, I hope and pray that each of my children never ever ever ever... ever have to wonder if their mommy and daddy love them! 

That's what being a parent is all about, isn't it. Yes, sometimes that love involves discipline. Discipline that they don't always understand or appreciate at the time, but in the end hopefully they come to know that it's just our way of protecting them. Teaching them right from wrong, respect and obedience, and love for themselves and others. No matter what form that display of love may take, we should always show them to the absolute best of our abilities. Letting them know that whether it's their birthday or a Tuesday, that they are loved, that they are wanted, and that they are celebrated. So with that being said, here is a peek into how we celebrated the big and smalls of the happenings of this month in our family's life!   

Thanks so much for taking the time to have a look at our SIXTYsecond Motion for February, and for hanging out with little ol' me for a bit. Be sure to head down to the comment section and share some of your favorite ways to celebrate your family and how you reveal your love for them that you never want them to forget! After you've done that, follow Eboni Rivera's blog to see just how she spent her month of February! Until next time, be sure to be... you!!

Keep it real,
Nikki Gould


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