Still Saturdays | April's 10 on 10


Most Saturdays at the Gould's house are rarely spent at the actual house. We typically get out to enjoy some sunshine at the park, celebrate a birthday, head out to a local brewery, or spend the day at a friend's house or Grandma and Paw Paw's. It doesn't happen often that we get to spend an entire day at the house, but that's just what we did over the weekend. 

Right around 2:30 pm (our lazy Saturday lunch time), it hit me that I should attempt doing an hour by hour shoot of my family. So I took one photo at 2:30, and set my alarm for an hour(ish) later to take another one until my husband and I got the kids off to bed. I upped the timer to every half hour and snapped a few more photos at bedtime of some of the little nuances that my children do for their bedtime routine at this stage in life. Things that I knew I would want to have to look back on someday, and see if they stuck around or if they faded out as they grew older. 


While my little buddy was napping, and my husband and daughter were out running errands, I climbed up on my bed with my favorite pup(shhh, don't tell the other 3) and started in on some laundry. I thought I'd knock it out quick, but as you can see my sweet Lady wanted some much needed attention. 


Of course, as soon as my daughter returned home, the very first thing she wanted to do was change her clothes. Am I the only one who has a child who simply cannot wear the same outfit over the course of a day? Growing up as a tomboy, I never even thought about what I was wearing until mom tried to put me in a dress that had puffy sleeves. At which point I was running the opposite direction, but my girl is all about changing her clothes 5 times a day every day as of about a month ago. Totally not something I fully understand, but I let her do her whole clothes changing thing... most of the time. Laundry is a bit out of control nowadays though! Haha


Post dinnertime/bedtime is always an adventure. Sometimes it's more fun than others, and thankfully the kids were pretty great this particular night! My son and I played Superman for a bit, we did the potty runs, brushed both sets of teeth, and then little man took over the bedtime story, and "read" to us about "How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?". Once that question was answered it was time for bedtime prayers, hugs, kisses and making sure my daughter had her socks on. Another new obsession. I'm telling you this girl is all about the clothes lately!

But my most favorite part about bedtime is the snuggles, songs, and sweet voices and giggles of my children. Singing to my babies is something I will never stop doing, I don't care how old they get. But recently my son started singing back to me and I cannot even begin to tell you how much my heart melts every.single.time!! To hear your baby sing, "Mommy, mommy, I love my mommy" while his sweet little face glows from his little night light is quite literally the most sweetest sound in the entire world! 

I loved our oh so still Saturday! I love my family and getting to spend an entire day together. No bells and whistles. No planned activities. No major events. 

Just us. 

And that's 100%, without a doubt more than I could ever ask for. 

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