Two Dogs And A Baby


When we first brought our daughter home from the hospital, we weren't quite sure what life was going to look like with a new baby. Especially when we had four fur-babies walking around and wanting to sniff everything new that came through the door. We were so thankful that they reacted as well as they did, and that they stuck to just sniffing her tiny little baby feet. Everything about a new baby is a learning experience, whether it's your first or fourth. Whether you have children already or it's your very first one to bring home. Life adjustments are made, and challenges are overcome, like learning the different cries, sharing the responsibilities with your spouse, figuring our the elusive sleep schedule, and doing your best to not let your exhaustion take over every cell in your brain. As with everything in life, we (dogs included) eventually found our rhythm, and it was a beautiful thing when it happened!  

After being greeted at the door by big (fur) brothers Gus and Eli, I knew I would feel right at home at the Ledwig's house! And then I got to meet their precious baby sister, Blake, and my heart melted. She's such a perfect little lady, and she is just so loved by her mommy and daddy, Emily and Joe! They couldn't help but to kiss her sweet head, and gush over all of her itty bitty fingers and toes. I just loved watching them interact with each other, and seeing how they handled the juggling act of a newborn. They took turns feeding her, snuggling her, and changing her diapers when needed, and even folding the laundry. Let's just say, they handled it like they've been doing it all along.

I was also super impressed to find out that they waited until sweet Blake's arrival to find out if they were having a boy or a girl. Being the impatient person that I am, I have immense respect for anyone who is able to wait!! Emily told me that the only downside was that they had very few pink baby items for little miss Blake. To which I responded that there was plenty of time for that, and soon their home will be overflowing with it! That's the beauty of having a girl, for sure. I fought the pink craze for as long as I could, but of course my daughter's favorite color still ended up being pink. Haha! Go figure, right? 

With all of the pink, and all of the pups and all of the love, this is what our rainy Saturday afternoon looked like...

This rainy Saturday was made so much brighter with that little ray of sunshine. I'm so happy for the Ledwig family of three, and the lifetime of love that they have in store for them! What an incredibly beautiful ride it will be. <3


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