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7 Things I Love About My Mom | Houston Family Photographer

This week leading up to Mother's Day, I did a special tribute to my wonderful and beautiful Momma on my Instagram. Since she's not on the ol' Insta, I thought I would share it here so that she could see the top 7 reasons why I think she's the greatest!! There's so much more to her, and why I love her beyond these 7 points, but there's only 7 days in the week, so I will just have to tell her the rest myself ;) So, here we go Mom! Thank you for all you do!!

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Houston Family Photographer | 4 Things She Really Wants For Mother's Day

Being a Mom is a beautiful and rewarding experience! It's a wonderful time of seeing your children grow, caring for their needs, and teaching them as much as you're able to about the world we live in. This is also what makes being a Mom very taxing at times, and requires Mom to take time for herself in order to maintain her sanity. So what she really wants for Mother's Day is...

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