7 Things I Love About My Mom | Houston Family Photographer


Happy Mother's Day Mom! 

This week leading up to Mother's Day, I did a special tribute to my wonderful and beautiful Momma on my Instagram. Since she's not on the ol' Insta, I thought I would share it here so that she could see the top 7 reasons why I think she's the greatest!! There's so much more to her, and why I love her beyond these 7 points, but there's only 7 days in the week, so I will just have to tell her the rest myself ;) So, here we go Mom! Thank you for all you do!!


#1 Seeing How She Loves My Children

My mom and I have always been the closest of friends throughout my life, so to see her and my daughter bond the way they do is such an incredible gift, and one I hope I never take for granted. Seeing my parents love my children was something I never put a lot of thought into until I had my children. Now that I've witnessed it first hand it's one of the most cherished gifts that I've ever been given.


#2 Her Hidden Talents

When I was a kid my mom was the Children's Minister at our church, but she also had a small side business called The Butler Did It, her last name being Butler. Cute name, huh? She cut out and painted adorable wooden signs, stools, and other home decor pieces. I can still smell the saw dust from her band saw in the garage. I always admired her ability to paint the way she did since I did not inherit this talent. Over Easter weekend, she proved she still had it by painting a small scene of my daughter playing under a tree, which is now hanging in my daughter's room! I'm sure it will be a cherished item for years to come!  


#3 Her Tender Side

She can be tough as nails when she needs to be, but she also has a soft side as well. Growing up, my two brothers and I would always tease her when she would cry during a movie, or when she would talk about how fast her babies were growing up. She would always laugh through those same tears and tell us to hush. Now that I have two children of my own, I can understand the tears. Both for the movies (hello hormone shift) and the bittersweet emotion of seeing your babies grow up! This past Fall, my brothers and I arranged a surprise party for both of our parents. My mom had just recently turned 65, and my Dad hits that milestone later this month. It was so wonderful to treat them both to a nice home cooked dinner, and a slideshow of so many memories that the two of them have shared together throughout the years. This was the moment when a photo of my grandmother adjusting my mom's veil on her wedding day came on the screen. She misses her mom so much, as do I! It was such a special night being able to shower them with love and attention from all 3 of their children, their children's spouses, and all 8 of their grandchildren! I'm so thankful for such a tender-hearted Momma,


#4 Her Signature Laugh

Her laugh and silliness is contagious! My mom has one of the best, loudest, and most distinct laughs I've ever heard! There would be times when my Dad would have my brothers and I rounded up after church let out, and we'd begin to wonder where mom was. It didn't take long before we heard her laugh down the hall or even from another room and we would all say "Found her!!" The thing I love most about her laugh is it is 100% genuine! When she gets that belly laugh of hers going, there's no denying the joy and happiness that come with it!


#5 Her Dedication To Helping The Community and Living Out The Love Of Christ

She is dedicated to her community and furthering the message of Jesus. Back in 1996, she was apart of establishing a non-profit organization called Mission Greenspoint that provides food, clothing, and ESL classes to low income families as well as a pregnancy assistant center. They also have provided a facility to a few churches and youth programs in years past. Every year, they host a Christmas Store for their incredible clients, and allow them to come in and choose gifts for their little ones. There are brand new toys for all grade school aged children that have been donated specifically for this event by other individuals, churches and organizations in the Houston area. The line, as you can see, is always out the door. They also have counselors who spend time with each individual family, getting to know them, sharing the Gospel, and praying for each and every one of them! It's a beautiful time! The holidays are easily the busiest time of the year for them! She and my dad now head up the organization, and reach thousands of families in the Houston area. My mom is such a hard working lady! She's always on the move, and is such an inspiration to those around her!


#6 Her Love For My Dad 

After almost 44 years of marriage, she still looks at my Dad with a twinkle in her eye. Their marriage is what everyone hopes to find some day. She still laughs at all of his jokes, including the super corny ones. She still goes out of her way to care for the man she married, and she still knows him to be the best man on earth. She truly married her best friend, and the fact that they still like each other even after they spend 24 hours 7 days a week together is a true testament to their loving bond. I'm so thankful to have a Momma who loves her husband wholeheartedly, and to have a Dad who returns her love! 


#7 Her Love For Her Family

My amazing mother has such a deep love for her family! She does her best to be there for her children and grandchildren, even when we're spread all over the nation. Her love cannot be denied, and while "thank you's" are often not spoken verbally to her, my hope is that she knows just how special she is to each of us, and just how much we appreciate all that she does. She's my beautiful, talented, loyal, hard working, and loving mother, and I hope that she knows just how much her family loves her in return! Happy Mother's Day Momma! You're the best Momma I could ever ask for!! 

Nikki Gould, your friendly Houston Family Photographer, signing off!