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Every family has their own unique story. They experience different highs and lows, they scale their own mountains, walk through their own valleys, and they carry on their own traditions from one generation to the next. The Glasser family is no exception as their story contains so many one of a kind experiences and traditions. Some good, some bad, and some spectacular! One very deeply rooted tradition is their love for baseball. More specifically, the Houston Astros major league baseball team. Their fandom reaches all the way back to when their little girl's great grandfather had his love for the ball club displayed on a brick in the pavement of one of the stadium entrances. Their families have been die hard fans since before they were born. When Fawn and Nathaniel(or Nat as she affectionately calls him) met, Nat worked at the stadium, and Fawn spent many days and nights going to visit him and hang out at the park throughout their dating life, which she didn't mind one bit. Neither did he;). After Nat popped the question letting Fawn know he wanted to love her forever, they knew the park was where they wanted their engagement photos taken. She even had her bridal portraits taken there as well.


There's a lot of history at Minute Maid Park for both of them, so it was only fitting that they wanted to incorporate their little girl into their story! Their little girl who they fought so hard for over a 5 year period to bring into this world, and struggled and powered their way through postpartum depression after she arrived. Their little girl who they both love so dearly, and would do anything in the world to make her smile. Their baby. Their rose. Their precious Mia! It was such a treasure to be able to see them run, play, laugh and just enjoy the outside of the park together, and even recreate one of their engagement photos. This time with Mia in their arms, and, who Fawn calls, their "puppy child", Wrigley, by their side. 

While we were there, it was imperative that we stop and visit great grandpa's brick in the sidewalk with Mia's grandmother. What a sweet moment that was for them to share! 

In keeping with the fun of the summer day, and to cool off, we ventured over to the nearby splash pad at Discover Green for some fun and ice cream, and from there headed to visit Granny at her house for a swim in her pool. Little Mia has been taking swim lessons and was showing off everything she has learned, including, to her mother's amazement, putting her cute little face in the water. When I went back for their reveal, she was swimming under water like a little fish! She's such an awesome little girl! 


So much fun was had by all that day, and an abundance of wonderful memories were made and preserved in photographs! I loved listening to their stories, and seeing them just be a family and enjoy their time together without the concern of having to take photos themselves. That's what it's all about! Having someone there to document your story so that you can live it out. Thank you to the incredible Glasser family for allowing me to be apart of your family for the day!! It was an absolute pleasure getting to know each of you <3

Embrace every moment,
Nikki G.

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