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Last night my dear friend, Jill, and I attended the Bloom Event, and let me tell you... Houston Mom's Blog knows how to put on an event and make Momma's feel so special!! There were so many fantastic organizations and companies represented, and a very informative panel of experts that hosted a Q&A for new and expecting Momma's. It was a great way to hear questions that mothers had about preparing for their new little one, as well as mothers who are already in the midst of caring for a newborn. To hear the thoughts from professional ladies who knew just how to answer each question was so informative and very impressive. I thought I would take a moment to highlight a few products and services that I found to be what I view as the most beneficial from the companies represented for the busy Mom. Let's begin with where the event was hosted. 


The Motherhood Center

Bloom Event was hosted at The Motherhood Center located near River Oaks near the heart of Houston. They provide parents in all stages of their child's life with a number of different services ranging from pregnancy education to breastfeeding support to finding the perfect nanny. They also offer yoga, newborn care, children's classes, and so much more! To learn more about this fantastic organization, click here

At first, I didn't feel like this would be a place that I could really take advantage of, but when I learned that they have a baby sitting service, I discovered that even I could benefit from this organization. All of their baby-sitters are what they call Nannies-in-Waiting, which means they are all experts in childcare, have gone through extensive screenings, interviews and background checks, and they are CPR certified. Their services start at $24/hr with a 4 hour minimum. They also offer sitters who will attend an event with you and care for your child so that you're able to mingle and enjoy the event with your children there with you, but not having to tend to them 100%. I thought this was such a neat concept!

I was very impressed with all that they have to offer, and only wish I had known about them sooner.  Everyone at The Motherhood Center was so kind, welcoming, and helpful! It was the perfect setting for the event!

The Covered Goods

This is such a neat and versatile product for any mother on the go! The Covered Goods literally covers it all! It's a wonderful nursing cover, carseat cover, cart cover, and you can even wear it as a scarf. This is such a brilliant product and saves so much space in the diaper bag! They also have a number of patterns and colors to choose from. It certainly belongs at the top of the list of must-haves for any Momma out there!





Modern Burlap

I have been in love with this company ever since I found them on Instagram, and I recently discovered that they're based out of Houston! Modern Burlap has products ranging from swaddle blankest, to quilts, throws, sheets, and hooded towels! I absolutely love several of the patterns that they have as well as the sayings that they write on some of their products. All of their products are black and white, making them gender neutral as well as an enhancer for your baby's vision and brain development. These soft and modern products are all made from 100% organic materials, and are just so precious! They're beautiful in newborn pictures too! ;)

Bubble Bum

Towards the end of the event last evening, they did a Giveaway of several items. I was lucky enough to come away with this little gem, and I could not be more excited about it! It's an inflatable booster seat by Bubble Bum! Yes, you read that correctly! This is perfect for travel, crowded backseats, switching between cars, vacation rentals and more! It's been crash tested to meet all US and Eu regulations, and is the functional equivalent of any rigid booster seat! I just love how simple and easy it is to install, as well as store away when needed. 



Bug Soother, Kismet Cosmetics and Snuggle Me Organic 

These 3 products, among many many others, were placed in the swag bag that we received at the end of our time at Bloom.  


The first one that caught my attention right away was the Bug Soother by Simply Soothing. It is a deet free, simple ingredient bug spray that repels gnats, and some mosquitoes as well. Goodness knows, in Houston, we need all the help we can get with mosquitoes! This product contains lemongrass oil, water, vanilla, castol oil, soya lecithin lemon, vitamon E, and that's IT! Not only is a all-natural, but it smells great too!

The second product that caught the attention of my tired and puffy eyes was the soon-to-be released Kismet Perfect Hydrogel Eye Mask. Kismet guarantees that their products are Paraben-free, Phthalate-Free, and they're made in the good ol' U S of A. I'm so excited to try this product out, but I'm also excited about their entire cosmetic line. They offer some outstanding lidsticks, mascaras, and so much more! Perfect for all of you Momma's who are deserve a little pampering! 

Number 3 is for baby and their exhausted Momma. For those of you who choose to co-sleep, this amazing baby lounger is rated #1 by Mom's Choice Awards to be the most trusted organic co-sleeper around. It's incredibly soft, and gently hugs and soothes your little one, recreating the womb, and prevents your little one from startling awake while they're sleeping. To learn more about their product, click here.

Happy Baby 

Last, but certainly not least, we have to make sure our baby's are well nourished. Happy Baby, which has grown up into Happy Family, provides a large variety of different products to keep your baby happy, and their tummy's full! Their products have been a favorite to both of my children. Their baby cereal was a huge hit with my youngest! You can find them at most of your local grocers or on their website here. I also loved this little hand out that they provided us with, breaking down the foods that contain the highest amounts of pesticides and should be purchased organic, and the ones that contain the lowest, allowing you to save a buck or two. I just loved the way they broke it down!




I so enjoyed learning about and discovering new products at Bloom last night, as well as spending time with some local moms and meeting Kelly from Houston Moms Blog! I hope that I was able to shed some light on some must-haves for you and your little one!


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