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The holidays are always such a busy time! Everyone is out buying Christmas presents(or shopping online), going out for the festive holiday parties, trekking through the neighborhoods to see all of the twinkling lights on the houses, but I must say that my favorite holiday memories are the ones with just my little family at home. Those rare occasions where we're able to just be home together watching Christmas movies, singing songs, decorating our own house as well as the gingerbread man's, and simply enjoying each other. 

The best part about these Christmas Story Sessions that this season brings about for me is I get to witness some of those very traditions and some new ones in the homes of the beautiful families that invite me in. And if I'm lucky, I get to see just what a day at home on a Saturday morning is like along the way. Just like I was able to do with the Dubeck family in their beautiful home. Which Karrie decorated herself! Seriously, her decorating skills are to die for!! I've known Karrie since before we knew our husbands and she's always had such a knack for making a space look incredibly beautiful and cozy! (you can see more of the beauty that she creates on instagram at Our Little Fox House she's amazing!!)

Ok, back to our day together! The kids took charge, as children tend to do, and started out with a little Christmas story time.


Afterwards, mom suggested heading outside to roast some marshmallows by the fire, but since the fire wasn't quite ready yet, the children decided a little jumping action on the trampoline would be a great way to pass the time while they waited. And man were they right! These four really know how to have a good time on that trampoline of theirs!


Once they heard their Daddy calling to say that the fire was ready, they made their way back over to the fire pit and roasted away. Marshmallows dripping into the fire, catching on fire, the ooey gooey fingers, and the crumbly graham cracker messes all while trying to avoiding being attacked by the smoke as the wind changed directions made it quite clear just how successful their marshmallow roast was!


Afterwards, it was time to run out that sugar with big sis leading the way. Grabbing handfuls of leaves to throw in the air, which quickly led to a leaf fight with mom and her brothers. Oh the laughter... so much laughter!! It continued for a little while until a little baseball , slide and soccer time took over. The activities continuously changed without warning, as I know any parent of littles is quite accustomed to! 


Once it was clear it was time to head inside to settle down for a bit, the Christmas cookie making began. 

Mom decided where the coveted chefs hat would land, and as you can see not everyone was pleased with the decision. 

Mom put those cookies safely into the warm oven to bake while the family passed the time with a delicious lunch and continued silliness. But not before saying a prayer of thanks to God for the food He provided for them. And as you can see, the family pup, Maddie, didn't wander too far from the table. Also a familiar site in my house.


Once that oven timer went off and everyone's tummies were full from lunch, it was time to decorate the cookies. One of the decorators decided to take out the middle man and just go straight for the toppings. Ha!! The look he gave when his momma busted him was priceless!


After all of that fun, you know that you've done everything right when a change of your messy shirt is in order as well as a little quiet movie time on the couch!

What an amazing morning with such an incredibly loving family! I'm so thankful to have been so welcomed into their home and into their world to tell their story of such a special time of year! It sure was a fantastic way for me to spend part of my day, and I could not be more thankful for the Dubeck family! 

Keep it real,
Nikki G.


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