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Christmas - The Feeling Of Childhood - Banda Family

Christmas through the eyes of a child is the easiest way to be transported right back to your own childhood. The way Christmas morning felt. The building excitement in the days of anticipation. The wonderment about if Santa was real or not. It’s all so enchanting and magical! Isn’t it funny how that happens? How being around someone filled with...

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Trampoline, Soccer, Baking, and so much... S'mores | Dubeck Family

The best part about these Christmas story sessions that this season brings about for me is I get to witness some of those very traditions and some new ones in the homes of the beautiful families that invite me in. And if I'm lucky, I get to see just what a day at home on a Saturday morning is like along the way. Just like I was able to do with the Dubeck family in their beautiful home. 

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Christmas - What Family Feels Like - Miertschin Family

Christmas has always held, and still holds, a special place in my heart! I love all of the joining together of efforts to decorate the house as a family. The making of gingerbread houses, Christmas cookies, handmade ornaments, as well as watching all of the fun Christmas movies. It's all the perfect recipe for exactly how family feels this time of year! The feeling of family is exactly what I set out to provide to my families no matter the season, and Mark, Jenny and the rest of the Miertschin crew were no exception at their Christmas Story Session.  

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