What Would Your Experience Be? | Houston Family Photographer


Let's take a moment of reflection today. Think back over all of your favorite every day memories in your life. Is there a particular person who stands out to you? Is there a certain experience with that person that you don't have a photo of and so wish you did? If you were able to plan a session around one experience, what would it be? These are the types of questions that I want my clients to ask themselves. I can come up with ideas, but my ideas are hit or miss as to what really speaks to the heart of your family. I would much rather guide you to come up with ideas of what you think is most valued in your family's every day life.


For instance, this week we have had my husband's parents visiting from out of town. To say my children have enjoyed this time would be the understatement of the year! They have been wearing out Oma and Opa effectively every day, and all parties involved have been loving every single minute of it! We've continued old traditions as well as created some new memories along the way. The most delicious of the traditions is my daughter, Olivia, cooking in the kitchen with Oma. Olivia was asking about the cinnamon roll making before Oma even arrived, and every moment leading up to it! Being able to capture the bringing together of ingredients to make the dough, forming it into little round swirls, and enjoying that first tasty bite was such a joy for me! The only downside is I can't capture the aromas that filled the house. Maybe some day ;) I love seeing my children interact with their grandparents and providing them with photos to look back on and hold dear for years to come!

I can't help but reflect back to the time spent with my own grandmother. She always had a smile on her face whenever my brothers and I were around, she kept packs of gum in her junk drawer in the kitchen for us to smack on, made our favorite banana pudding recipe for dessert, and always gave us the best hugs on the planet!! My grandmother passed away before my husband and children could meet her, and oh how I wish she could have been at my wedding and met her great grandbabies! Seeing that incredible smile of her's would have meant the absolute world to me! The lack of photos of myself with my grandmother is also a tough pill to swallow. Growing older as well as being a photographer has opened my eyes to the little details in life that matter the most! Details that non-family members would never know to look for, but that are so cherished by the ones who are apart of the memories that they make up. Just like in Oma's cinnamon roll recipe, the perfect combination of details creates some of the most savory of memories! 


Patiently waiting while Oma double checks the recipe.

Time to chill over night.


Not all sessions have to be the perfect smile with every hair in place. The phrase "imperfectly perfect" rings so true when it comes to documenting your family being a family. It's all about the moments and memories being made in the photos and the emotions that spring right off of the paper and cause that overwhelming stirring in your heart! What would your ideal session look like?